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Category BlocksForums
Submitted by Daimos
Author's Name Daimos
Version 1.4.1
Compatibility 9.0.x
License GPL
Published Sat Feb 19, 2005 1:20 pm
Sat Jun 04, 2005 6:27 am

Customisable Forum Centre Block

- DB queries reduced to 5 (from previously 47)
- optional post preview in an info box
- supports getlink(), language files and styles
- optional columns, e.g. Forum, IP (for Admins)
- optional Forum Links and Stats

Can be seen in action at:

- hide/ display restricted forums' topics

Please report bugs to:


Member reviews

Review #90: Rubbish just changed over from the older version
by Gerald on

It works like a charm! My sites home page knocked off some load time on first visit. Very nice, Thanks.

Review #80: Below average Liked it but not after djdevon3 post
by Banshee on

I was running this on my fron page as it's suppose to. After reading the review I wondered if this is what was slowing down the main page loading. So I removed it and sped up my site pretty signifigantley. It's nice to see the forum center block but I didn't realize how much it took for performance.

Review #57: Good Too Many DB Queries
by djdevon3 on

I used it on my site for about a month. It was pretty nice and very feature rich for admins. added about 50 DB queries. That really slowed down my site once I started adding in a couple intensive blocks (2 blocks that took 15 queries each). Overall I was running about 100+ queries. So I had to get rid of the forum centre block. For those of you who aren't running intensive blocks then this is a very nice addon.

An additional 50 DB queries is a bit much for many sites though. I'll stick to a regular forum center block if the need ever arises again. This one is easily the most query intensive block I've ever come across.

Review #8: Very good Yay!
by Ronin on

Good job Daimos. Thanks for integrating all the features into one block.

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