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Version History
Track changes made to Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) since its original version.

Version 9.1.0
Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:50 am by darkgrue

* Improved Alt logic.
* Added the ability to show only claimed characters in Quest Master. Thanks to Tulvarus, for the feature suggestion.
* Fixed bug in Quest Master where resort links weren't preserving Expansion selections.
* Query Quest Status now honors the current show_alts and show claimed characters search options.
* Added vertical centering to sort checkboxes and radio button labels.
* Replaced references to with link.
* Fixed database errors with references to "".
* Fixed problem with multiple crc entries for the same characterID being present in the roster_master_quest_status table.
* Fixed old RM4DF version number in sigblock templates.
* Fixed Signature Master not pulling signature block avatars from the correct subdirectories and defaulting to the eq2 logos.
* Some template cleanup.
* Moved administration display strings into language file.
* Additional diagnostics messages.
* Cleaned up installer's database upgrade strategy.
* Remove obsolete statistics from block.
* Updated documentation.
* Updated contib/history.sql file to reflect new events.
* New feature: addition of Collection Master!
+ Reports on a character's collection quests.
+ Like Quest Master, automatically updated from Census.
+ Note: Collection Master can only know about collection quests that exist in Census, quests have been known to be held back for new expansions.
* Reworked parser to increase efficiency:
+ Reduced use of globals and reworked data structures to be more efficient for write operations, rather than replicate the structures used to build the roster pages.
+ SQL query optimizations.
+ Massive speed improvements during roster update; NOTE: this comes at the cost of detailed logging of roster changes (eliminating the loops to do comparisons solely for logging purposes had a significant performance cost).
+ Removed XML parsers in favor of JSON, for a 25% data savings advantage.

Version 9.0.0
Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:34 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed sitewide "Accessed Denied" error when module is uninstalled.
* Added missing Aerakyn race icons.
* Added missing Channeler class icon and fixed missing display logic.
* Getting ready for 2038, changed DB time representations to BIGINT.
* Added tooltips to sort options to clarify interface.
* Minor cleanup to SQL query syntax.
* Deprecated use of id field for character data (characterId is now canonical).
* New feature: major update to Questmaster:
+ Quests automatically updated from Census, no need to manually set quest status!!!!
+ Adding new quests doesn't require DB schema changes.
+ Updated sort dialogs with tooltips for abbreviated items.
+ Note that extensive internal changes have been made, files have been added and removed.
+ Better handling of sort options.
* Rework to XML parsers.
* Removed $config['qm_exclude_inactive'] option.
* Fixed table resize JavaScript functionality that was preventing the feature from working.
* Sort direction indicators are now clickable to change sort direction for that column.
* Removed obsolete access quests (tSS, NekC_tR, CoK, tSC)
* Added Census service ID for the Roster Master application. Please refer to for documentation of this api.
* A number of latent bugs removed incidentally. Several added for good measure.

Version 8.3.4
Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:09 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed missing "http://" in version string link.
* Fixed image hotlinking diagnostics.
* Fixed table scroll JavaScript functionality that was causing misalignment
between the header and the table column widths.
* Increased Max Hit stat field sizes to BIGINT.
* Added High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion Timeline heritage quest.
* Added Goblin Skull Earring heritage quest.

Version 8.3.3
Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:33 am by darkgrue

* Updated list of servers in admin panel.
* Fixed errors/assumptions in guild search in admin panel.

Version 8.3.2
Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:58 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed cURL initialization parameter problems that cropped up in 8.3.1 update.
* Fixed out-of-sync file header information in module files.

Version 8.3.1
Sun May 31, 2015 3:40 pm by darkgrue

* Updated REST API URLs as a result of the domain change to on April 30, 2015.

Version 8.3.0
Sun May 25, 2014 9:37 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed logging error in fetch_URL() function.
* Reworked mod_rewrite rules in .htaccess file to fix bug affecting multiple module instances.
* Fixed some issues with the control panel and multiple instances of Roster Master.
* Added PHP core info page to Administration interface.
* Add Heritage quests from Live Update #65: November 13, 2012 (Chains of Eternity).
* Add Heritage quests from Live Update #68: November 12, 2013 (Tears of Veeshan).

Version 8.2.1
Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:22 pm by darkgrue

* Thanks to Dethdlr to reporting numerous errors in the 8.2.0 release that somehow got overlooked:
+ Replaced missing themes\default\template\roster_master\do_commands.html file.
+ Fixed templating errors.
+ Fixed SQL error message in file.
+ Changed cast of BIGINT data items to PHP string instead of integer to fix issue with 32-bit systems that have PHP_INT_SIZE=4.
+ Found Dragonfly CMS dependency on version of template_enc.php file.
+ Fixed extended Guild Wall of Fame statistics broken links to character profiles.
* Alts list no longer lists the character it is for as an alt of itself.
* Alt lists now sorted using natural sort.
* Updated documentation.
* Fixed bad math in diagnostic time display in Guild Wall of Fame block.
* Fixed error in involving closing the cURL filehandle prematurely.
* Fixed division-by-zero in compression statistics diagnostic message for cURL retrieval using compression.
* Fixed sorting (again) to force characters with no data to end of sort, regardless of sort direction.
* Fixed sort by adventurer level in Questmaster.
* Fixed secondary column sort direction.
* Changed logging level default.
* Updated tradeskill icons.
* Fixed unecessary chattiness in log file.
* Added ability to silence logging of changes by field using regex (see $config['exclude_log_field']).
* Changed last_update to DECIMAL(19,7) as per 3/20/2012 REST API.
* Fixed roster alt displaying empty alt list (it's possible to have an altlist that only contains the character it's attached to - that is, if opt-in is set for a character, REST always considers it an alts of itself).

Version 8.2.0
Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:40 pm by darkgrue

* Redirected guild and character detail links to the brand-new EQU site. Grats Dethdlr and Feldon, well done!
* Added files to modules/Roster_Master/contrib/GEM to address inteface issues with GEM.
* Added mod_expires directive to .htacces files in static image directories to request clients cache for 60 days. Requires that the Apache mod_expires module be active.
* Added cURL support to allow Content-Encoding compression methods to operate if available. Using cURL for this purpose allows the server to benefit considerably from compression on the XML requests. The feature Falls back automagically to the previously used internal fsockopen() method if cURL isn't available.
* Fixed templating for characters that don't have data in the Character collection.
* Fixed missing Soulfire Timeline Quest icon.
* Fixed missing language definition for _CONFRESET dialog.
* Added new interface icons.
* Fixed many broken image links.
* Added (rudimentary) alts display to roster.
* Fixed language file collisions that conflict with other modules.

Version 8.1.0
Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:28 am by darkgrue

* Redid DoV Heritage Quest icons to reflect item types better.
* Added modules/Roster_Master/contrib/rn2a/includes/api/rmdfly.php file to address inteface issues with Raid Ninja.
* Reworked the upgrade to v8.0.0 to resolve installer issue. Rebuilding the roster_master table (a known issue in 8.0.0-8.0.1) should no longer be necessary.
* Fixed error introduced by changes to sync_active_claims() function.
* Added modules/Roster_Master/contrib/history.sql file to build your own This Day in History table with EverQuest, EverQuest II, and a few other relevant dates. Please use care with the .sql file, as it includes a table drop statement, it will erase your existing history table.
* Added more robust function checks in the diagnostics page.
* Changed guild name search string filtering and made it explicit the Guild ID search can use regular expression syntax. Thanks to eqHunter for reporting it.
* Implemented parser changes from the 1/31/2012 API changes.

Version 8.0.1
Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:53 am by darkgrue

* Fixed usage of the URL class that got ahead of the Dragonfly version 9 users, that's a class that's introduced in Version 10. Thanks to Nashbry for reporting it.

Version 8.0.0
Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:18 am by darkgrue

* Version 8 is the first use of the new SOE data server and the REST API. Thanks to Zoltaroth and Dan Kinney at SOE for implementing this and staying involved with the community. Also a big thanks to Feldon and Dethdlr at EQ2Wire for their assitance in gettin the Roster Master project talking to the right people. And finally thanks to Lantis for making things happen and pioneering the Roster Master port to the new data interface.
* Added Destiny of Velious Heritage Quests.
* Fixed quest reward link text for Paw of Opolla heritage quest.
* Created new Administraton panel and moved most (of the infrequently used) administrative functions there.
+ New Lookup Guild ID function added to administration panel.
+ New Unclaimed Characters display added to the Dragonfly administration panel status area.
* Improvements to diagnostics page style and tests.
* Fixed error in roster expiration duration warning.
* Updated shell script to reflect new data sources.
* Added Beastlord class to the Scout archetype.
* Extensive changes to the parser. Most (but not nearly all) available data fields are parsed, but are not currently templated for display. Thanks to Lantis for collaborating on parser design and other internals.
* Nonexistant avatar and rank image files are no longer fatal errors in Signature Master.
* Fixed longstanding error with the avatar CLASS keyword that prevented it from working correctly in Signature Master.
* Guild Wall of Fame block has been updated with new field data, new leaderboards.
* Added class, race, rank, and tradeskill images to the roster template. Thanks to Seagoat to take the time to get these out of the DDS format and into the more palatable PNG format we all like to use, as well as graciously consenting to allow her efforts to be included in the RM4DF distribution.
* More debugging hooks for my development use, and a few more informational system logs (e.g. execution times are now collected for the roster).
* CONFIG CHANGE: As field name have changed, names in the Signature Master templates have changed. See the template_variables.csv file to see what template names are available. Also refer to the example. Signature Master generates the 'FullName', 'Server', and 'guild_rankname' internally, which are also available for templating.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The structure of the 'images' directory has changed to facilitate the new roster logic and column templates.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The semantics of the $config['columns'] variable have changed. Refer to the file.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Custom character avatars have been moved into the 'characterId' subdirectory of the 'avatar' directory, where they were previously, to help with file organization.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Removed $config['use_XML_parser'] parameter from the file, input is all XML now.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Removed $config['lookup_rank'] parameter from the file, ranks are parsed from guild XML now.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Changed $config['officers'] and $config['exclude_ranks'] to use rank numbers now, instead of rank names. Should eliminate the need to update the configuration for most guild structures.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Removed $config['breakdown_limit20plus'], as the pre-Level 20 classes have been eliminated from gameplay.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The name of the theme templates directory has changed from 'rostermaster' to 'roster_master' to maintain consistency with the module directory name.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The refresh period set by $config['cache_update_time'] hes been changed from 6 hours to 1 hour, since now new data should be available as soon as a character zones or logs out. For now, be wary of giving this a low value, until performance issues are better understood.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The French language file has been removed, as I'm unable to maintain it. Any Francophile who wishes to take a stab at it is welcome to submit it to the project.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Both the roster_master and roster_master_guild tables have changed significantly, and will be in flux for the near future.
* Updated documentation.
* KNOWN ISSUE: The Dragonfly installer may behave in a nondeterministic fashion during the upgrade process, performing a table DROP after, instead of before a CREATE. If you see errors indicating your roster_master table is missing, recreate it by using the included roster_master.sql file with the Import SQL File function in the Dragonfly Database administration panel. You will need to edit the table names in the file if you have a different table prefix or suffix.

Version 7.2.1
Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:18 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed a secondary issue with characterId being cast to an integer and getting overflowed. Bug reported by dsotmlynx.

Version 7.2.0
Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:20 am by darkgrue

* Fixed a long-standing bug in the sig_image_rewrite_hack feature. This would cause installations where the server root and Dragonfly root were not the same to fail to perform the image rewrite correctly (the rewrite rule always assumed the roots were the same). This fix, along with the new diagnostics page, should allow the hack to work on nearly all systems that meet the prequisites, as well as make it clearer why it doesn't work on systems that don't meet them. Big thanks to Demetrios for working ceaselessly with me to work this feature out.
* Added automated diagnostics to determine what features are available from the CMS module. This is the page you'll want to look at first when troubleshooting RM4DF features, and it also has the information you'll need to know for reporting problems. The Diagnostics page is accessed from the RM4DF Administraion menu bar. Thanks to Demetrios for field-testing this feature before release.
* Moved Signature Master system diagnostics from that module to the new Diagnostics page. The $DEBUG flag still enables debugging information for that module, but now it's limited to runtime error diagnosis.
* Signature Master no longer defaults to an internal default signature block template if the corresponding template file cannot be located. It will continue to default to default_sigblock.png as the default signature block image if the image configured in $config['sigblock_basename'] cannot be located; however, there is now a default_sigblock.txt file that contains the corresponding signature block template. If the image file exists, but the template does not, Signature Master will now return a 404 error (or an appropriate DF error if the Signature Master $DEBUG flag is set).
* Fixed quest link for Paw of Opolla heritage quest.
* Added in missing heritage quest icons. Thanks to penbrock for pointing out the oversight.
* Updated script.
* Corrected minor typos in comments and templates.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added roster avatars option "CLASS" for the $config['avatars'] setting. Feature requested by Demetrios, class icons extracted and contributed by Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Removed $config['show_lastname'] from the file, as this setting has been nonfunctional since version 7.0.0 - you'll want to edit themes\default\template\rostermaster\rostermater.html to change the display characteristics of the roster (in other words, this parameter was removed as redundant with the purpose of the templates). In this case, you'd want to remove or comment out the {character_row.S_CHAR_LASTNAME} element in the template. Bug reported by Demetrios.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Roster Master no longer allows upgrades from versions older than 7.0.0 (Any versions prior to 7.1.1 aren't functional due to the structure changes anyway.) Users upgrading from a version prior to 7.0.0 must uninstall the previous version, then install 7.2.0. NOTE: Character claims will not be preserved (as per a fresh install).
* Updated documentation.

Version 7.1.1
Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:24 pm by darkgrue

* The characterID field used as a primary key in almost all of the RM4DF tables can overflow a INTEGER field, and needs to be increased to a BIGINT type. Bug and fix reported by Lantis.

Version 7.1.0
Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:07 am by darkgrue

* Added Sentinel's Fate Heritage Quests.
* Updated parser to use new EQ2Players source pages (now Parser now has to get the server name from the Guild Summary page (parser has to complete at least once) before link to Guild page can be calculated and displayed. Requires that you update your file with the new one in this version in addition to the other changed files.
* Fixed long-standing error in the parser debug output (you wouldn't have noticed, confused me though).
* Added "Unknown" (the string, not something unknown) to language file.
* Added Sentinel's Fate Heritage and Timeline quests.
* Improved clarity of notifications and errors returned by the fetch_URL() function.

Version 7.0.1
Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:16 am by darkgrue

* Added The Shadow Odyssey Timeline quest.
* Fixed warning in questmaster.ini realted to missing required level in quest data.
* Fixed error in qm_manage_claims.html that caused inability to update any Access/Heritage/Timeline Quests. Bug reported by eqHunter and Crysthallia.

Version 7.0.0
Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:02 am by darkgrue

* Formatting change to command menu header (removed small tag).
* Formatting change to roster view (removed small tag, fixed radio button label wrapping).
* Fixed HTML syntax error in character heritage quest claims form.
* Fixed HTML syntax error in Quest Master.
* Removed use of nowrap="nowrap" tag in favor of inline CSS.
* Created the most "Dragonfly" version of RM4DF yet with the addition of full templating for the module. NOTE: Don't forget to install the new files located in the themes/default/template/rostermaster directory!
* Numerious minor errors in formatting and conditional formatting logic corrected (and most likely, added as well).
* Added sort to character heritage quest claims form.
* Moved include/ directory and its contents to the includes/ directory. NOTE: Don't forget to install the new files, or remove the old directory!
* Quest data moved to files in the includes/ directory. NOTE: Don't forget the new files or Quest Master won't work!

Version 6.4.1
Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:52 am by darkgrue

* Fixed typo in documentation.
* Fixed quest pointer for Dark Mail Gauntlets HQ.
* Fixed inexplicable field name change from "Average Member Level" to "AverageMemberLevel" in the data feed, which broke the HTML data scrubber. Bug reported by Lantis.

Version 6.4.0
Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:34 am by darkgrue

* Replaced usage of depreciated gmtime() function.
* Made RM4DF tolerant of the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES sql_mode being set. Bug reported by Jimena.
* Removed unecessary use of $BASEHREF that duplicated innate getlink() functionality.
* Fixed logspam where guild roster contained data that translated into HTML entities (such as in custom Guild Ranks). Bug reported by Wizairde.
* Fixed error in the is_visible property in file.
* Added ability to filter quests by expansion.
* Added The Shadow Odyssey Heritage Quests to the Heritage Quest Tracker.
* Heritage quest tracker claim interface now groups by (and has header labels for) the applicable game expansion.
* Added experimental rewrite rule to work around BBCode IMG tag URI filters that prevent linking directly to a URI containing a query string. The URL to use should be of the form: {$BASEHREF}modules/{$mod_dirname}/sig_{$char_info['characterId']}.jpg but requires that Apache be complied with mod_rewrite.c enabled. If you wish to enable this UNSUPPORTED feature, see $config['sig_image_rewrite_hack'] in the file.

Version 6.3.1
Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:27 am by darkgrue

* Fixed horizontal avatar margins when LEFT alignment directive is used. Bug reported and fixed by Seagoat.
* Added "Optimize Tables" administrative command to delete all widowed and orphaned claims all at once.
* Added Rise of Kunark Raid Flagging Timeline to the Access Quest Tracker.
* Added link to cached signature image (when it is present in the cache) to the Edit Character Claim page. This is to help people work around URL filtering that some CMSes perform.
* The reap_sigcache() function now checks the cache for files that are excluded by the $config['exclude_ranks'] array.
* Added "Fill Signature Block Cache" administrative command to pregenerate the signature block cache for all valid characters.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['force_sig_cache'] directive to allow the selective regeneration of the signature block cache to be forced every time the roster data is updated. NOTE: Using this feature may cause Roster Master to exceed the maximum script execution time (see source for explanation).
* CONFIG CHANGE: Roster Master no longer allows upgrades from versions older than 6.0.0 (Any versions prior to 6.2.0 aren't functional due to the EQ2Players structure changes anyway.) Users upgrading from a version prior to 6.0.0 must uninstall the previous version, then install 6.3.1. NOTE: Character claims will not be preserved (as per a fresh install).

Version 6.3.0
Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:17 am by darkgrue

* Fixed problem for new installs where the Access Quest Tracker list would not including the character name, only the level. Bug reported by Bloo and Kelfly.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The default primary and secondary sort option and direction are now settable in the file. If an invalid configuration option is selected, the default fallback is still "r", "d", "al", "d". Feature suggested by Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The default list grouping is now settable by $config['group_by'] in the file. If an invalid configuration option is selected, the default fallback is ungrouped. Feature suggested by Seagoat.
* Added A(bsolute) and I(nherit) modifiers to the size definition of the TEXT sigblock directive. Using an A immediately after the font size will mean turn off the text fitting and use the font size exactly as written. Using an I will use whatever the last font size selected (whether from auto-fit or as set). Feature suggested by Seagoat.
* Fixed roster grouping when not displaying a groupable primary sort.
* Fixed incorrect quest link. Bug reported by Bloo.
* CONFIG CHANGE: The formatted date string for the logfile and the "Last Updated" display on the guild roster is now configurable by the $config['updated_date_fmt'] and $config['logfile_date_fmt'] settings in the file.
* Changed include() to require() to protect against situations where the open_basedir restriction is in effect. Bug reported by Apina.
* NULL, "Unskilled", and "none" fields now sort last.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['short_titles'] setting to specify if short heading titles will always be used, never used, or only when columns are grouped. Featured suggesed by Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['columns'] setting to control what columns appear in the roster, and in what order. Feature suggested by Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: $config['show_avatars'] renamed to $config['avatars'], semantics and default changed.
* CONFIG CHANGE: removed $config['show_usernames'], option superseded by $config['columns'] setting.
* Row grouping is now enabled for Secondary Tradeskill Class in addition to the already available Character Type, Rank, Adventurer Class, and Artisan Class.
* Fixed problem affecting guilds with "Anonymous" characters not being added to the parse correctly. Changed $parsed_roster_data to superglobal for storage consistency and indexed by characterId rather than name. Bug reported by Lantis.
* Fixed header row alignment problem. Bug reported by Seagoat.

Version 6.2.0
Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:33 am by darkgrue

* CONFIG CHANGE: Removed $config['guild_name'] setting. Minimal installation is easier and now only requires setting the $config['guild_id'] parameter.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Changed default configuration of $config['sigblock_basename'] to 'default_sigblock'.
* Improved parser debugging output. Timing output is now clearer and parse data size is provided.
* Fatal parser errors no longer block roster when logged in as administrator. Debugging output is now a trigger_error().
* Fixed error notice when roster refresh time has expired.
* Fixed last name not displaying in guild roster when $config['show_lastname'] is set.
* Fixed HTML typo in Advanced Sort Options.
* EQ2 Players Rise of Kunark Release (3.4), November 12, 2007
+ Parser updated. An XML parser has been re-implemented. Use of the XML parser requires that PHP has been compliled with the --with-xml argument prior to make and make install.
+ SCHEMA CHANGE: Significant changes to the roster_master, and minor changes to the roster_master_guild tables. See the cpg_inst.php file for the new table structure.
+ CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['use_XML_parser'], default is Roster Master will use the XML parser if the function library is available.
+ User-provided last name data removed. Last name data is now pulled from the XML feed.
+ CONFIG CHANGE: Removed $config['show_currentstats'] parameter. Since dateJoined is no longer provided data, Newest Character cannot be displayed, which is the only line item in this section.
+ Added secondaryTradeskillClass and secondaryTradeskillLevel to roster display.
* Fixed single-column sorting not working correctly when a column header is clicked. Single-column sorts will now toggle between an ascending and descending sort as intended.
* Improved operation of the header_link() function.
* Improved functionality of text margins in signature block template. Text margins are now absolute relative to the base image and are only reduced if the avatar placement intrudes into those bounds.
* Increased default setting of $config['JPEG_quality'] from 75 to 90.
* Implemented row grouping (as per RMSA 2.3.0 Beta 4). Row grouping is enabled for Character Type, Rank, Adventurer Class, and Artisan Class. When the "Grouped" option is selected, the primary sort key will automatically select the group by, and that column will be removed from the display. Thanks goes to Lantis for implementing this functionality in RMSA.
* "Character Timeline Quest Claims" now read correctly instead of referring to Access Quests. Bug reported by Seagoat.
* Purging the roster table now resets the table last_updated date to zero.
* Latest Item Discovered should log cleaner now.
* Fixed level not appearing after character name in Quest Master table if not logged in as admin or the user that claimed the character. Bug reported by Bloo.
* Thanks to Seagoat for finding and correcting several bugs in new features in the Beta and Release Candidates.

Version 6.1.2
Sun Oct 28, 2007 2:39 am by darkgrue

* Fixed SQL error in Quest Master when $config['qm_exclude_inactive'] = 1 and $config['show_alts'] = 0 are both set. Bug reported by Faush.
* Fixed variable scoping issue with the sync_active_claims() function when it's called from the cpg_inst.php file.
* Fixed "Sync Active Claims" not displaying as an administrative option for Quest Master.
* Fixed outdated configuration variable reference in INSTALL.txt file.
* Fixed "Display All"/"Display Primary" links not working in Quest Master.

Version 6.1.1
Fri Oct 19, 2007 11:37 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed sorT order wHen guild ranks are substrings of one anothEr. Also fixed some unreported sorting bugs and an existing inCompAtibility with Postgres in the sort query. Should worK better now. Bug reportEd by Nomandis.
* Added AoAx4 access quest. Also added missing Deathtoll access quest (this quest also demonstrates the abIlity of QueSt MAster to handLe multI-stEp quests in any of the quest trackers). Bug reported by Bati.

Version 6.1.0
Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:56 pm by darkgrue

* Repaired broken links to the EQ2i wiki that were introduced in the version 6.0.7 update to the quest data.
* Significant updates to quest information and links. Quest data structure has been reorganized.
* Quest trackers now highlight column sorts.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Removed access quests that are no longer required by the game.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Added roster_master_timeline table to support the new timeline quests.
* CONFIG CHANGE: There is now only one configuration section for Quest Master, rather than one for Heritage Master and Key Master.
* STRUCTURE CHANGE: Changed name of "icon_hm.png" to "icon_heritage.png" and added "icon_timeline.png". Added "key.jpg" icon for the Key Master roster.
* NEW FEATURE: Heritage Master and Key Master are now no more, and have been incorporated into Quest Master which now handles Heritage, Access, and (the oft-requested) Timeline quests. This change comes bundled with major changes and improvements to the quest tracker code.
* Fixed some sigblock template keyword case-sensitivity issues. The intent is for keywords to be cAsE-iNsEnSiTiVe.
* Added CLASS keyword to the AVATAR sigblock directive. Feature requested by alterEgosego.
* Added Dragonfly compatibility (new blocks class).
* Quest claim forms now group and sort like the in-game Quest Journal, to make entering quests easier.
* Added rm4df_update script file to aid in updating the roster from an external process. This is an UNSUPPORTED feature.
* Fixed Force Update link not working/not returning correctly. Force Update now always returns to the roster page. Bug reported by Beldak.
* Fixed JavaScript table displaying horizontal scroll bar in Firefox. Bug reported by Beldak.

Version 6.0.7
Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:07 am by darkgrue

Changed primary key in roster_master table from Name to Character_ID, existing implementation caused uniqueness problems with some character sets and collations (unable to have two different characters whose names would only differ by their accents). Bug reported by Lantis.
Changed installer to alter the blocks table on new install as well. Bug reported by CammanCMC.
Added Unique Members statistic.
Increased max_execution time in the HTML roster retreval loop to start at five minutes. NOTE: This function has no effect when PHP is running in safe mode. There is no workaround other than turning off safe mode or changing the time limit in the php.ini file. The current effective setting of safe mode and the PHP max_execution_time directive can be viewed in the Dragonfly administration panel at "Administration Menu > > System Info > > PHP Core". The Apache TimeOut directive (default of 300 seconds) is another limiting factor, the shorter of the two durations will be effective.
Changed link references from to the site.
Roster updates through externally-managed processes (such as cron) are now available. First, disable automated updates by setting $config['cache_update_time'] = 0 in the file. Next, create a cron task that will launch the update like this (edit the URL appropriately): 0 0,6,12,18 * * * wget --bind-address= --output-document=/dev/null --quiet 'http:///index.php?name=Roster_Master&force_update=1' [This example requires that wget be installed on your system and will update the roster every six hours. You may use any HTTP client that allows binding to the (localhost) address.] If you have a large guild that takes a lot of time to update, you can do it automatically at scheduled intervals.
DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Changed schema to use INTEGER instead of INT, and SMALLINT instead of TINYINT in order to resolve PostgresSQL compatability issues. Bug reported by Lantis.
CONFIG CHANGE: Added new bitflag to logfile parameter to log parser statistics and to suppress logging of guild status changes. Also reordered some of the lesser-used log bitflags.
CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['block_autoupdate'] to control whether Guild Wall of Fame block will now force a roster refresh if the roster data is stale when it goes to updates its cache. This can impace page load times if the update takes long (page won't load until update is complete). Default is off.
REQUIREMENTS CHANGE: Use of internal Dragonfly multibyte wrappers has been implemented. Requires versions of Dragonfly after the version.

Version 6.0.6
Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:09 pm by darkgrue

* Revised parser to be more UTF-8-friendly by replacing the /w? shorthand with a plain .*? search. Pattern strings are now treated as UTF-8. This modifier is available from PHP 4.1.0 or greater on Unix and from PHP 4.2.3 on win32. UTF-8 validity of the pattern is checked since PHP 4.3.5. Bug reported by Wolffire, code changes supplied by Lantis.
* Changed roster sort from usort() to a purely SQL sort to improve UTF-8 compatibility.

Version 6.0.5
Thu Apr 26, 2007 1:28 am by darkgrue

* Re-re-fixed parser in response to changes to the way 'Latest Item Discovered' is presented on the site. Bug reported by Seagoat.
* Corrected typo in that would cause the 'RANK' directive for $config['sigblock_type'] to fail to work correctly. Bug reported by Seagoat.
* Fixed logic error in that would cause a DB error if invalid sort options were passed by the client. Bug reported by Beldak.
* Turned $DEBUG off by default in the Hall of Fame block.
* Congrats to the winners of the Roster Master for Dragonfly Logo Contest! Ronja took the Grand Prize for her entry, with Seagoat netting the Community Choice award.

Version 6.0.4
Sun Mar 25, 2007 8:14 pm by darkgrue

* Re-fixed parser in response to changes to the way 'Latest Item Discovered' is presented on the site. Last fix was incomplete, and caused log spam. Bug reported by Kelia. Based on reference fix by Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['show_usernames'] to allow usernames to be supressed in the roster. Feature requested by Belin.

Version 6.0.3
Wed Mar 14, 2007 3:24 am by darkgrue

* Fixed minor typo in comment, and another typo in that would cause officer archetype avatars to not be found. Bug reported by Seagoat.
* Fixed display of character level in Key and Signature Master. Bug reported by Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['show_Arena']) to control display of Arena kills in block. Feature requested by Seagoat.
* Added character level to quest query display.
* Added new category to quest query display: "Not Started (Below Required Level -1)". This differentiates those who haven't started the quest from those who can't or aren't close.

Version 6.0.2
Tue Mar 13, 2007 1:37 am by darkgrue

* Changed signzture image size attributes in to be based off of the sigblock base selected in the $config['sigblock_basename'] setting, based on an implementation by Seagoat.
* Signature Master will now look for Class- and Archetype-specific image files that have spaces replaced with underscores (e.g. "_Shadow_Knight.png" or "Shadow_Knight.png"). The previous behavior required that the space be embedded in the file name. Change suggest by Seagoat.
* Block and parser fixed in response to changes to the way 'Latest Item Discovered' is presented on the site. Code submitted by Beldak and Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['avatar_size']['width'] and $config['avatar_size']['height'] to specify the geometry of avatars in the roster. Change suggested by Beldak.
* Replaced HQ reward icons with those used in-game. Thanks to Seagoat for extracting and compositing the DDS files.

Version 6.0.1
Sat Feb 24, 2007 10:34 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed typos in sync_active_claims() that would throw a DB error.
* Fixed typos in source comments.
* Removed hardcoded signature size in, as suggested by

Version 6.0.0
Sat Feb 24, 2007 12:09 am by darkgrue

* Added error message to indicate that the rank insignia feature failed as a result of a misconfiguration in the $config['lookup_rank'] array.
* XML parser has been removed. A hybrid HTML/CSV parser is now the default. As a result, and for the moment, Roster Master no longer requires a PHP binary compiled with XML support. Last of the legacy code removed from the file.
* Fixed a long-standing logic error in *_sync_active_claims() functions.
* Fixed logic error in that would cause the "Display Primary" link to continue to display all characters. Bug reported by Excalibre3377.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Fixed guildRank field size bug for new installs (was VARCHAR 20 instead of VARCHAR 40). Bug reported by Caela.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Major changes to the schema, especially the roster_master table. Some changes should improve compatability with PostgreSQL. Fields have been renamed or dropped! See the cpg_inst.php file for the new DB schema.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Changes the "content" field in the core Dragonfly CMS table "blocks" from type "TEXT" to "MEDIUMTEXT". This is to address a problem where the block size would overflow the field and get truncated, causing sever rendering issues when the block would attempt to read from its cache.
* Added ability to sort rows by Adventurer Level in Key Master and Heritage Master. Code contributed by Seagoat20.
* Added fix for alpha-channel transparency in signature overlays. Code contributed by Seagoat20.
* Live Update #29: November 14, 2006 (Echoes of Faydwer)
+ As a result of changes in, serverside-calculated guild leaderboard data is no longer available.
+ New Guild Achievement data added to schema.
+ Added five new heritage quests: In Honor and Service, War and Wardrobe, The Staff of the Observers, Casualties of the War of the Fae, The Symbol in the Flesh, and Cloak of Flames. Thank you to Kitra for submitting code changes and images for the new heritage quests.
+ Changed heritage quest preferred quest provider to EQ2i.
* New avatar graphics for archetype and alpha-channel blended guild rank icons have been added. Many thanks to Seagoat20 for providing them.
* Added extended templating support for avatars in Signature Master based on an implementation suggested by Seagoat. New directives (DEFAULT|ARCH|EQ2|RANK) have been added to the AVATAR templating command.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added additional configuration commands to the Roster Master avatar display options in the roster. See the $config['show_avatars'] setting in the file. Based on an implementation suggested by Seagoat20.
* CONFIG CHANGE: New configuration setting, $config['sigblock_type'], has been added to support extended sigblock selections based on an implementation suggested by Seagoat.
* CONFIG CHANGE: New configuration setting, $config['officers'], along with additional constants and functions have been added to the file to support the extended avatar templating in both Roster and Signature Master.
* CONFIG CHANGE: $config['sigblock_basename'] setting replaces the $config['sigblock_file'] setting, and has a new semantic.
* CONFIG CHANGE: $config['show_PvP'] setting added to control the display of PvP statistics (which are really only relevant to PvP servers). Feature suggested by Dyse.
* Updated HQ icons in Heritage Master to indicate quests from expansions by adding a colored stripe (the color is *very* roughly derived from the predominant color in the expansion's title logo, with some fidging to make it more visible, or in some cases where the color choices collided, unique).
* Significant updates/clarifications to the documentation.

Version 5.1.4
Fri Aug 11, 2006 6:39 pm by darkgrue

* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['sigblock_file'] to allow the user to select the signature block image file name. This file must be located in the "modules/{$mod_dirname}/images/sigblocks/" directory and readable by the web server user. If this file cannot be found, Signature Master will fall back to using "default_sigblock.png" in that directory as the file name before giving up.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['JPEG_quality'] to control the output quality of the signature file.
* Added category and level elements to key_quests array. Character Access Quest Claim form and access quest tooltips now display Quest Category and Quest Level to assist players with finding quests in the in-game Journal.
* NEW FEATURE: Vastly improved templating in Signature Master.
* Fixed a several typos and logic errors in Signature Master.
* Signature Master error messages when DEBUG is set are more explicit about what has gone wrong, and should work more predictably.
* Template for ranks excluded from having a signature have been removed. Instead, ranks in exclusion list will send a 404 error if a signature is requested. Also, the signature block link/icon will not be displayed for excluded ranks.

Version 5.1.3
Sun Jul 09, 2006 5:08 am by darkgrue

* Fixed lastname display logic when $config['show_lastname'] = 1, reported by Belin.
* Fixed CMS Warning line 66: The expected module directory, "Roster_Master", does not exist error reported by Kevlin.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['use_XML_parser'] to allow the user to force the XML parser off. Improved table display logic in the case of mixed XML/HTML data and to properly reflect the setting.
NOTE1: As of May 17, is not providing the XML data feed, until this condition is fixed, please set this value to "FALSE" (the default).
NOTE2: Use the Purge Roster Table command to remove the extended XML information from the roster table. This will keep oddball stuff from messing up your roster table since you'll have some missing columns otherwise. This won't muck up your Claims at all, it just forces a complete refresh of the roster table in the DB.
* Live Update #24: June 14, 2006; The following zones no longer require an access quest. The is_visible flag has been set to FALSE for these quests (quests that are in the DB are trackable, but will not be shown on the large table): The Firemyst Gully, The Sanctum of Fear, Bloodskull Valley: The Excavation Site, The Eternal Gorge, Miragul's Menagerie, Icespire Summit, The Forbidden Sepulcher, The Trembling Lagoon, The Obelisk of Lost Souls, The Darkblade Den of Assassins, The Serpent's Lair, The Murkwater Nook, Maiden's Gulch, The Vault of Flames, Nektropos Castle, The Lair of the Necromancer, The Vestibule, Heroic: The Sullon Mines, Heroic: The Tallon Hording Halls, Heroic: The Darkened Den, Icebound, The Bastion of Flames, The Cove of Decay: A Treaty for Treasure, The Ruins of Varsoon

Version 5.1.2
Sat May 06, 2006 1:39 am by darkgrue

* Fixed level for "Putting Maltena to Rest" to 42, reported by Voken.
* Fixed "There was an error during the parse operation" fatal error during the guild summary parse operation. Thanks to Kelia and Seagoat20 for reporting the problem.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Added "The Wonderous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome", "A Thorn of Old", and "Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio" Heritage Quests. Changed "GoTD" column to "GotD".
* STRUCTURE CHANGE: Renamed file "modules/Roster_Master/images/GoTD.jpg" to "modules/Roster_Master/images/GotD.jpg". Added "modules/Roster_Master/images/BCG.jpg", "modules/Roster_Master/images/TB.jpg", and "modules/Roster_Master/images/Ws.jpg". Icon color for "modules/Roster_Master/images/icon_hm.png" changed from blue to a more appropriate gold. Added "modules/Roster_Master/images/caution.png".
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['read_file_hack'] to activate UNSUPPORTED file input hack. Don't ask about it.
* Removed the 3-day expired member deletion holdoff time. Guild members are immediately removed from the roster. Members who return to the roster will automatically re-bind to claims. Otherwise, residual claims can be removed from the widowed/orphaned claims administration interface. Thanks to Seagoat20 for suggesting the change.
* Added new option to Heritage and Key Master to hide quests from the roster. Set the "is_visible" element FALSE to hide it. Access quests for Zek, Feerrott, and Everfrost have been hidden by default. Thanks to Belin for suggesting it.
* Links now include both character first and last name, instead of just the first name. Thanks to Belin for siggesting the change.
* Parse errors no longer halt the roster if user is not logged in as a module (or superuser) administrator. Warning icon now appears on roster next to update time if the roster is overdue for an update (visible if $config['show_updated'] is set).
* Signature cache synchronization with the roster has been fixed. Roster updates should trigger a signature refresh. Thanks to Belin for reporting the problem. This also fixed the function of the signature cache reaper, which was not functioning properly.
* Improved inline comments for, based upon the signature block tweaking documentation created by Censeo.
* Fixed some characters' names not being listed in the class breakdowns (when $config['breakdown_shownames'] = 1). Bug reported by Caela.

Version 5.1.1
Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:44 pm by darkgrue

* Reapplied fix for table sizing bug in Opera that caused the first heading column cell to stretch when the table is converted to scrolling. Results in a compromise in the visual style, but one that's not entirely unpleasant.
* Fixed XSS vulnerability for log and table purge operations.
* Fixed XSS vulnerability for character claim deletions.
* Fixed XSS vulnerability for signature block cache purge operation.
* Added partial French language translation, provided by Christophe Dauvissat.

Version 5.1.0
Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:04 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed "Unknown column 'cmsusers.Char_ID' in 'on clause'" in (line 1412) affecting MySQL 4.0.x users, reported by Nomandis.
* Fixed "Unknown column '' in 'where clause'" in (line 713) and (line 913), reported by SandKap.
* Fixed access control problem that would prevent some operations if the admin was not also logged in as a user.
* Fixed time misalignment in block-Guild_Wall_of_Fame.php reported by Seagoat20.
* Fixed failure to load language file for anything other than the primary instance of the module.
* Fixed some missing localizations in page titles.
* Fixed inability to save claims for instanced versions of Roster Master beyond the first one (i.e. can't save claims for Roster_Master_2, Roster_Master_3, etc.), reported by Erladdin.
* Fixed "Force Update" function having no effect from the log display.
* STRUCTURE CHANGE: Added file "modules/Roster_Master/include/" to cut down on duplicated code between Heritage and Key Master.
* STRUCTURE CHANGE: Added file "modules/Roster_Master/functions/" to break down the parsing functions and make way for the implementation of XML roster.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Added the "Capturing Day and Night" access quest.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Added lastonline, highestmeleehit, and highestmagichit columns for data from the XML feed.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['xml_roster_url'] to point to the XML roster data page.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added $config['km_rowhighlight'] and $config['hm_rowhighlight'] to toggle the row highlighter in Key and Heritage Master. Added $config['rowhighlight_color'] to control the on-click row highlight color. (Unfortunately, there's no way to set it from the theme template.)
* Added row highlighting JavaScript function to the Heritage and Key Master tables. Clicking the mouse locks the row highlight (in gold), click again anywhere on the table to unlock.
* Removed ", __FILE__, __LINE__" part in SQL method calls since it's obsolete.
* Added note regarding "httpd_can_network_connect=1" setting for Fedora, researched by Jarrod.
* Restructured the table headers for Heritage and Key Master.
* Added "Query Quest Status" link to Heritage and Key Master. This links to a report detailing the quest, quest reward/access, and a tabular listing of all characters in each of the three quest states (Don't Have, In Progress, and Completed). Swapping the columns and rows of the tables was technically feasible (even had a working prototype), but it wonked up the sorting mechanism (which would have had to be redone from scratch), and just didn't look good at all.
* Added XML guild roster parser. To parse XML with PHP, you must configure PHP with the --with-xml argument prior to make and make install. Roster Master will automatically fall back to using the HTML parser if the XML parser doesn't exist or fails. NOTE: The XML feed sends KVD data as integer, not float data types. You lose a little precision as a result. Go figure.
* Added segments to Guild Wall of Fame Block for Highest Melee Hit, Highest Magic Hit, and Most Recent Member Online (latter is commented out). Note that all three only display if the XML roster data is present.
* Added logging options for highest melee/magic hit and last online.
* Updated required levels for heritage quests.
* Changed source file headers to use ISO 8601 date format.

Version 5.0.1
Sat Dec 17, 2005 5:45 pm by darkgrue

* Reverted roster_master_key column names to eliminate colon (":") characters from use. MySQL 4.0 doesn't properly handle quoted identifiers in update queries...
* Fixed heritage quest tracker links in character manager.

Version 5.0.0
Sat Dec 17, 2005 12:35 am by darkgrue

* Re-fixed "Guild Summary: $field was..." in logfile problem.
* Added administration command to purge the log. If log is empty, an appropriate message is displayed when the log is viewed.
* Fixed "Data array mismatch." error when editing Heritage Quest claims, reported by Belin.
* Re-fixed error in the way that Roster Master handles timestamps that introduced a serious error in the way that Signature Master handled the signature block cache.
* NEW FEATURE: Added the first version of the Access Quest Tracker (Key Master) in response to a request by Kevlin.
* DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Heritage Quests moved to their own table. Added lastname column to roster_master_users table. Added roster_master_keys table.
* CONFIG CHANGE: Added configuration section for the Access Quest Tracker. Renamed configuration variables for the Heritage Quest Tracker. Added $config['show_lastname'] variable to Roster Feature Options.
* STRUCTURE CHANGE: In accordance with the Dragonfly coding standards, the language file have been moved from the original location at "modules/Roster_Master/language/lang-english.php" to "language/english/roster_master.php". Those upgrading should remove the previous directory before installing the upgrade. Bonus feature - there is no need to make additional copies of the language file(s) when using the automatic instantiation feature.
* Improved response in returning a signature image by specifying the HTTP connection closes immediately.
* Reorganized Signature Master's options to group the appearance options for the signature block image in response to feedback from Erladdin. Changing the block still requires editing the file. Improved comments to assist customization.
* Renamed internal functions to be more consistent with the component (Roster Master, Heritage Master, Key Master, Signature Master) they belong to.
* Rewrote the claims management user interface. It is now possible to edit a claim, rather than only delete it. Added the ability to add a last name to a character claim.
* Improved some error-handling functions and logic.
* Moved Heritage/Key Master sort menu to the left to improve the UI.

Version 4.0.1
Fri Dec 02, 2005 10:44 pm by darkgrue

* Two bugs and a suggestion by Belin:
+ Fixed problem with config['show_avatars'] = 1 not showing username in row data.
+ Fixed it so that rostermaster and signaturemaster functions both look for PNG avatars, instead of JPG and PNG.
+ Signature link now honors the $config['popup'] setting.
* Fixed Character Quest Claims page returning a blank page on save, found by Kanoldari.
* Fixed "Guild Summary: $field was..." in logfile, found by Seagoat20.
* In response to suggestions by Kanoldari:
+ Claim Character page is now called Manage Characters.
+ Added icon links to Edit Quest Claims and the Signature blocks to each claimed character.
+ Character names in claim managers now link to the Sony character page.
+ Added $config['exclude_inactive'] setting to exclude characters with no active Heritage Quests in the listing of characters in the Heritage Quest Tracker. Thanks to Saint Peter for help with implementation ideas.

Version 4.0.0
Sun Nov 20, 2005 10:49 pm by darkgrue

* Added the first version of the dynamic signature generator. Roster Master now can generate graphical signature blocks, a much-requested feature! Thanks goes to Belin for testing and commentary on this feature.
* Headshots are now called avatars, and have been moved to the modules\Roster_Master\images\avatars directory. The avatar images are used for both the signature block and the roster, and should be no larger than 100x100. Avatar files must be named by Character ID number (e.g. "281167207.png"), and in PNG format. Character ID is used rather than name, as character names are not assured to be valid filenames (especially in non-English localizations). Added the $config['show_avatars'] configuration variable to remove the requirement to edit the module source in order to enable this feature.
* Fixed error in link for the GLS that would send you to the item for GoTD, found by Nomandis.
* Fixed Heritage Quest Tracker sorting descending to be default, reported by Belin.
* Added option to have character names in the fold-down class breakdown list in the block, as requested by Kelin.
* Replaced calls to date() with gmdate() where we were dealing with GMT times, as date() causes problems with Daylight Savings Time.
* Modularized code. Functions have been broken up into multiple files to improve readability and maintainability.
* Significantly reworked Guild Wall of Fame block. More options for displaying data in the block, more example display lines, more choices. Added additional configuration options to "Block Feature Options" in file, as suggested (with sample code) by Belin.
* Implemented first cut at localization support. This adds the languages directory, and the English language localization. Note that the explanatory text for some error functions isn't yet supported.
* Improved carry-through of alt display for other Roster Master functions.
* Added delete confirmation for claims. Improved autoreturn back to calling page for both table purge and claim deletion.
* Cleaned up code headers and comments.
* Cleaned up and expanded documentation.

Version 3.1.2
Tue Nov 01, 2005 9:54 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed error in Headshot examples, found by Erladdin.
* Fixed block caching error, found by Seagoat20.
* Fixed $exclude_alts not being propagated to the read_db() function, found by Belin.

Version 3.1.1
Sun Oct 30, 2005 4:10 am by darkgrue

* Fixed major problems introduced in the sort code as a result of the changes made to accommodate alt exclusion. Pointed out by Seagoat20, but actually more extensive than even that...

Version 3.1.0
Sat Oct 29, 2005 7:35 pm by darkgrue

* Made error messages more consistent for conditions where a client attempts to hand-craft an invalid URL to inject GET operations they aren't entitled to access.
* Fixed condition where roster_master_guild table isn't removed upon uninstall.
* Changed installed to add one row at a time to the roster_master_guild table.
* Made changes to guild summary stats to cut down on logging spam. New logging bitflag added.
* Moved table_updated field out of the config_custom table and into the roster_master_guild table to keep Roster Master data together.
* Roster Master will now check and refresh data upon accesses to the Roster and Heritage Quest Tracker pages. Rewrote update_data() function.
* The Force Update command should return you to the page you pushed it from. Untainted $rm variable to support this change.
* Fixed Last Updated time not displaying correctly on first pageload after a data refresh.
* Added $config['show_alts'] parameter, as requested by Kanoldari.
* Non-primaries excluded from statistics when $config['show_alts'] is false and the full roster is not being displayed, as requested by Belin. Significant changes made to Guild Wall of Fame block. Moved configuration parameters to to support these changes.
* Added $config['scrolltable'] parameter, as requested by Kanoldari.
* Added fetch_URL() function as a work-around to the prevailing attitude hosting providers have taken that setting "php_admin_value allow_url_fopen 0" (which disables the URL-aware fopen() wrappers that enable accessing an URL object like files and also subsequently blocks runtime modification of the parameter) actually counts as proactive security.
* Fixed missing style in Headshot cell, pointed out by Kelin.
* Increased size of Rank field to 40 characters. Thanks to Singman and Svens of Destin de Norrath for researching this.
* Moved changedlog out of index.php and into CHANGELOG.txt, also restored entire version history.
* Updated installation instructions.

Version 3.0.0
Sun Oct 23, 2005 4:14 pm by darkgrue

* Added parser and table for Guild summary information. Roster Master now allows you to track and display more information about your guild, including Guild Level!
* Significant changes to Guild Wall of Fame block. More guild statistics displayed and more available in commented source.
* Added sort feature to Heritage Quest Tracker page.
* Changed do_commands() Menu header to indicate when you are in the Heritage Quest Tracker.
* Added prototype for "headshots" column, as requested by Kelin.
* Added option to sort fields descending by default (see 'inv_srt' element of $sort_options array) as requested by Belin.
* Fixed missing title attribute in the Heritage Quest Tracker header images.
* Changed heritage item reward links to point to the OGaming database, since Sony's DB is restricted to subscribers.
* Cleaned up commented roster header and row code. Removed obsolete comments warning about changing a COLSPAN attribute that no longer apply. Thanks Kelin!
* Improved the logic on the guild name sanity check.
* Removed fetch_data_db() function, it's been inlined.
* Changed structure of the Heritage Quest Tracker table layout.
* Minor code cleanup/reorganization.

Version 2.1.0
Wed Oct 05, 2005 1:31 am by darkgrue

* Added automatic module instantiation feature.
* Heritage Quest Claim form now returns back to the Heritage Quest Tracker, rather than to itself.
* Reworked the Heritage Quest Tracker status icons to be more dark-background friendly, as per Kelin's request.
* Added nowrap style to first column of the Heritage Quest Tracker table.
* Replaced SoR icon with one matching the current style.

Version 2.0.2
Fri Sep 30, 2005 2:41 am by darkgrue

* Fixed dual HTML/logic bug in quest claim form that would cause problems with quests that were too high for the character to start, but that had quest starter items not being displayed/saved correctly.

Version 2.0.1
Wed Sep 28, 2005 10:45 pm by darkgrue

* Fixed off-by-one error in the table heading thCornerR style.
* Changed to stricter inline styling, rather than using element attributes.
* Cleaned up some comments.
* Fixed installer warning not displaying.
* Added "An Ancient Desert Power" Heritage Quest.

Version 2.0.0
Sat Sep 17, 2005 4:01 am by darkgrue

* First version of Roster Master Heritage Quest Tracker.
Featuring an exclusive scrollable/resizable table! Drag the HR
between the bottom of the table and the table footer to resize.
* New DB schema: character ID and user ID are now used as primary indicies, rather than names (more resiliant to character and CMS user account changes). New schema is currently not compatible with previous versions of Roster Master.
* Stricter controls on operations based on cms_id.
* Combined Class and Level columns, as suggested by Seagoat20. Completely rewrote the header code.
* Showing sort direction indicators is now configurable.
* Cut down on the wasteful logic in the mode selector.
* Improved redirect logic w.r.t. determining HTTP_REFERER.
* Fixed sort selector not working for the two-column sort.
* Fixed parser error - KVD can be BLANK.
* Re-baselined the Changelog for Version 2.

Version 1.1.1
Thu Aug 18, 2005 10:14 pm by darkgrue

* Removed use of ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause that created a dependancy on MySQL 4.1.0 or later reported by Nomandis.
* Fixed bug in update_data() that would cause characters with no changes to be removed from the DB after 3 days, and then subsequently get added back in as a "new" character.
* Massively simcomplexified (take *that*, Merriam-Webster!) the parser routines. New parser should be more resistant to localization and custom rank issues since it directly parses the page and no longer uses delimters to mark fields. A side-effect is a lot of the preprocessing of the data is no longer needed.
* Added administration command to purge the roster_master table of parsed data. This command does not affect the claims table. Note that purging the table will cause all members to be logged as "new" when the data is refreshed (as intended).

Version 1.1.0
Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:31 am by darkgrue

* Fix for quotes by Grimgroth expanded to names and Class/Artisan names to cover localization issues.
* Made behavior more robust for the case where Roster Master can not contact the site. Changed use of cpg_error() to trigger_error() function. Roster Master will no longer present the user with an error page.
* The function of the rm_data_parse.php file has been moved into the update_data() function. Installations that are upgrading Roster Master can remove the rm_data_parse.php file.
* Added options to log data fetch retries and failures to $config['logfile'] parameter.
* Added $config['retries'] parameter to control how many times Roster Master will retry on a data refresh. Most users should never need to change it from "0". IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO SET IT ABOVE A VALUE OF "2"!
* Added "Unskilled" to Art_Class enum, as per mortis42's message.
* Fixed inconsistent use of time() functions noted by Belin.
* Added sort direction indicators to row headings.
* Removed PHP closing tags from files.
* Cleaned up some comments and stray whitespace.
* Fixed error in cpg_inst.php that affected upgrading installations.
* Improved efficiency of DB storage. We no longer dump and rebuild the table on an update. Instead, only changed or expired rows are sent to the DB.
* The Last_Updated column is now set to the date the row was updated, rather than the date the table was updated. A row in the _config_custom table has been created to handle dating the table.
* Changed default ranks to match

Version 1.0.5
Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:10 am by darkgrue

Initial Version
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