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Contact Us: Has a Field Called "sent to"

This field is only visible to admins; thus, only admins have the opportunity to send email from your website.

Anonymous and Members DO NOT have that option.

Enabling Debugging when you can't get to admin

Go to phpmyadmin or MySQL admin and run these queries
UPDATE `cms_config_custom` SET `cfg_value` = '1546' WHERE cfg_name = 'debug' AND cfg_field = 'error_level' LIMIT 1; UPDATE `cms_config_custom` SET `cfg_value` = '1' WHERE cfg_name = 'debug' AND cfg_field = 'database' LIMIT 1; UPDATE `cms_config_custom` SET `cfg_value` = '1' WHERE cfg_name = 'debug' AND cfg_field = 'session' LIMIT 1;If you use phpmyadmin, you will need to clear your website "cache" folder.

How to Show Right Blocks on Main Page?

Log in as Admin ---> Go to Modules ---> Find the module marked as "Home" (the highlighted one) ----> Click Edit

On this page there is a field to select which blocks to display.

None // Left // Right // Both

[If you have DragonflyCMS version 9.1.1.x installed,
also check what modules are allocated to your blocks in admin.php?op=blocks

I can't seem to save any setting in admin

Change the permissions on the cache folder to 777

What's it Mean When My Site Says It's in Maintenance Mode?

Activating maintenance mode allows you to safely make changes to your site without any potential disturbances from visitors.

They will be stopped by a message saying that your site is currently unavailable as a result of maintenance work taking place. We activate maintenance mode during the installation process so that in case anything goes wrong, you will be the only person who sees it.

To turn maintenance mode off, head to your administration menu, click on 'Main Settings', and select 'No' for maintenance.

If for some other reason you don't have access to admin run this phpmyadmin command:
UPDATE `cms_config_custom` SET `cfg_value` = '0' `cfg_name` = 'global' AND `cfg_field` = 'maintenance' LIMIT 1;
If you use phpmyadmin, you will need to clear your website "cache" folder.

When Will the Next version of CPG Dragonfly CMS Be Released?

The answer to that - when it's ready.

It's hard to give an accurate answer because it all depends on how much free time our developers have and the problems they encounter along the way. Please keep in mind that there is no warranty and you did not pay for it, so please expect nothing, but realize you will get a lot!

Patience is a virtue. Either learn it, or start coding yourself (which is also a learning process).

If we are like Neo, we all know that "it's not the spoon that bends..." nor do we have a plug in the back of our head which will upload all of the info that we need into our brains.

Read all info here

Why is a topic in the Complaints Department?

We understand that people sometimes like to complain, rant or rave about something. This could be due to a personal situation so that people need to rant away on something else because their TV is worth to much for throwing out of the window, or just because they don't like Dragonfly CMS.

In case of not liking Dragonfly CMS, we have an answer.
Dragonfly CMs is built fully voluntary for many people by many people in their spare time.
Dragonfly CMS is completely free and you didn't have to pay anything for it, nor does anyone make money with it.
So complaining or demanding levels of service for a product that is supported on a voluntary basis and is given away freely crosses the line and is inappropriate.
In the past we just deleted those complaints but that opened another can of worms "Why we removed it". Therefore it's moved to the "Complaint Department" forum so others can see which people have trouble with behaving themselves and we don't get blamed for removing something.

admin.php: Selection from database failed!

This error occurs in CPG-Nuke 8.x when your admin cookie is NOT compatible with the information in the database.

Delete/clear the cookies from your browser and you should be able to login again.

NOTE: This particular error cannot occur in CPG Dragonfly CMS.
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