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Searching the forums

You can search for keywords on the forum search page. The best way to start is by selecting "Search for all terms", so that each search for posts contains all words.

Searching in a specified forum or category will narrow your search even further, thus it's only advised if you understand what each forum/category contains.

Don't use twenty keywords on the first time, but use a few descriptive words: "template parse error", "index blank screen", "save admin settings", or "download module category."

If there are no results returned, head to the forums index and check each forum name and description and pick the one that is best tailored to your question. Post a new topic, something like:

I've searched the forums on "index blank screen" but I couldn't find a solution or related topic so here is my question...

Also be sure to give the website URL and the PHP, MySQL and CPG-Nuke versions that you are using (if they aren't already in your user profile).
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