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@ INSTALL: Your license has been edited.

Installer wrote
Your license has been edited. Please contact the Development Team at immediately. Thank You

Is the file 'install/GPL.gz' properly uploaded to your webspace ?
Check the file size compared to your local copy, it must be the same.

Most times, your FTP application has simply uploaded the file using ASCII mode instead of Binary mode.

The preferred method would be to upload everything in binary mode since most files use UTF-8 characters.

Also, please check carefully the difference between upper and lowercase.

A database error has occurred...The webmaster has been notified of the error

Enable Error reporting @ admin.php?op=settings&s=8

Go back to the page or action where the error occured and look to the bottom of the page for complete warnings and error report.

Error 404 after activating LEO

This could be caused by several issues:
  • You need the Apache server to get LEO working.
  • mod_rewrite must be compiled/included into the Apache environment
  • Apache's httpd.conf must allow the use of .htaccess (AllowOverride)
  • Debian has by default mod_rewrite not activated you need to use "a2enmod" to activate it (thanks to HostingGeek)

PARSE errors

This is caused by a bad line of code that is missing code like } or ;
The parse error always occurs 1 to X lines below the wrong code.
For example, a file named test.php$dbname='test' $uname='foo';
On line 1 it's missing the ; so the error message says
PARSE ERROR in test.php line: 2

Please enable cookies to post on this site.

ERROR wrote
Please enable cookies to post on this site. If you feel you have reached this message in error please refresh the preceding page once and post again

This could be several things:

A) There's a wrong cookie domain and path setup

B) Server admin has setup php.ini to auto-register a session.
You can check this thru the following script

<?php error_reporting(E_ALL); session_name('CMSSESSID'); session_start(); session_register('installtest'); if (!isset($_SESSION['installtest'])) $_SESSION['installtest'] = 0; $_SESSION['installtest']++; echo 'This page is accessed: '.$_SESSION['installtest'].' time(s)';
Then a notice should be shown
Notice: A session had already been started - ignoring session_start()

C) session.save_path is not accessible (open php.ini to fix)

D) Somehow you're not allowed to write to the session.save_path so:
  1. Open config.php and find
  2. Change to something like
  3. Be sure /home/SOMETHING/tmp is writeable (chmod 777 if necesary)

E) Editing incorrectly can result in "headers already sent" errors which cause problems for cookie handling.
This could happen if, for example, a file was edited and saved with a Byte Order Mark, which could easily occur when editing our files in Windows Notepad. Use Notepad 2 or any other true code editor with UTF-8 support. Note: in Notepad++ (3.8) you must not choose the format "Encode in UTF-8". You must choose "Encode in ANSI" combined with "UTF-8 without BOM".

Use of undefined constant CPG_DEBUG

Check your config.php, it should have a line that says
define('CPG_DEBUG', false);

If it doesn't then get a fresh copy of your 9.x package.

Warning: getimagesize(...): failed to open stream

This warning is caused due to how PHP is setup on the server.
PHP is setup to disallow remote connection.

A lot of hosts block the "connect to server" features since there are a lot of badly scripted files.
If someone uses such bad scripts it could open security holes which are mentioned all over the place.

We can't fix it since it's server related.
What you can do is one of the following options:

- turn off the feature in cpg-nuke
- ignore the message
- switch hosts
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