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"Too Many Login Attempts" on Admin Login

When you try to login into your admin account more then 5 times with the wrong password, your account is locked to further attempts.

Login to your server thru FTP and browse to the dragonfly 'cache' directory (normally 'public_html/cache').
Delete the "a_login.php" file to grant yourself another 5 attempts.

You may also need to clear your browser cookies.

I've forgotten my admin password!

No problem at all!

Simply head to your database manager and run the following query:
UPDATE cms_admins SET pwd='2f4f4f082f28e8c28c5f0e14728f70ee' WHERE admin_id='1,2,3,whateffa' LIMIT 1;
UPDATE cms_admins SET pwd='2f4f4f082f28e8c28c5f0e14728f70ee' WHERE aid='my_name' LIMIT 1;

Be sure to replace "1,2,3,whateffa" with your administrator id, for example "1", without the quotes.
Also replace cms with the table prefix you used in config.php

Running the query will change your password to nautical, enabling you to login to your administration menu and change your password to something of your own liking.
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