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Need help creating a block or add-on, or you have created or modified a block/add-on that works in Dragonfly CMS and it meets the CPG Security Requirements? Do you have feedback about a specific add-on? Here is the place to post. Read the announcements here first!.

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No new posts Coppermine
Please post bugs in the Projects Module.
Post anything and everything else about Coppermine in this forum.
105 999
No new posts Downloads Pro
Please post bugs in the Projects Module.
Otherwise, post here.
67 364
No new posts CPG-BB (forum)
Please post bugs in the Projects Module.
Post anything and everything else about CPG-BB in this forum.
Formerly known as phpBB but no longer compatible.
157 1116
No new posts Gamers Modules & Blocks
DragonflyCMS blocks and modules relating to Gamers - note, strictly DragonflyCMS matters ONLY or they will be deleted.
36 541

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No new posts the Sample Module bundled 10
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