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My acquintance downloaded a set of icons (avatars) from this link: www.dragonflycms.org/D...d=143.html
It contains also pictures form comercial games, for example Baldur's Gate. I'm interested to use some of them on my webpage (non-commercial) but I don't know how the matter with copyrights looks in this case.

Could I ask some opinion about that ?

Thanks in advance,

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As avatars they are ok to use as long as you aren't trying to sell them to your users. Some games do have stipulations for use of their images but I doubt anyone would have an issue with the image used as a forum avatar. After all it is a form of free advertising for their game. The company with the most stringent policy of image use from my experience would be Sony Online Entertainment over the use of WoW images. Even then they do allow you to use images for avatars and have even gone as far as releasing a substantial fan image kit on their website. If you have any concerns about their use I would contact the author of the images which in your case would be Interplay or BioWare.

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