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Hi everyone,

I am currently using SMF forums, they are really great forums but lack alot of the "extras" that I have found with CPG. I have decided that I want to migrate my SMF community to CPG as I am really excited to have my users enjoy the photo gallery and other great features CPG offers. My only issue is that we have alot of posts and years worth of information on our SMF forums. It is imperitive that I am able to convert my SMF to CPG or SMF to PHPBB then to CPG. Any solution to ultimately get my SMF converted over to CPG would be acceptable. If anyone has any information on this it would be much appreciated. If I cant get this done, then unfortunately I wont be able to upgrade the community to CPG. I look foward to hearing feedback on this and appreciate any information. Thank you.

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MySql 4+

SMF to PHPBB then to CPG

That's the approach I would use. There's a phpBB converter in the downloads.

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