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there is a good article here; it.slashdot.org/articl...19/0516246

it explains how google yahoo and others try to fight content spam, as you know there are a lot of spammers that spam referrers lists, bloggs, forums, news pages with comments Very Happy ... to reach a higher ranking in searchengines ... so google yahoo and the others made some changes to how they index pages:

"Briefly, you just change your blogging/wiki/forum/etc. software so that any hyperlinks in publicly-contributed text have a new rel=nofollow attribute added to any anchor tags. Google, MSN, and Yahoo! will now no longer index any such links, so the motive for content spamming disappears. Especially hopeful is the fact that a slew of makers of blogging software, including Six Apart, have announced they are supporting the new attribute."

do you think is this usefull for cpgnuke and possible to add such a feature to cpgnuke to stop people from spaming our sites?

here are other links with more informations:

what is link spam: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog_spam
How to stop this?: www.spywareinfo.com/ar...erer_spam/
msn infos: blogs.msdn.com/msnsear..._tags.aspx
yahoo infos: www.ysearchblog.com/ar...00069.html
google infos: www.google.com/googleb...-spam.html


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Not such a bad idea Smile

Please enter your server specs in your user profile! 😢

Its very interesting to read but people have found wrok rounds already.

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chris333 wrote
do you think is this usefull for cpgnuke and possible to add such a feature to cpgnuke to stop people from spaming our sites?

DJMaze implemented this back in late April of 2005, IIRC.

I will, however, tell you that it won't stop spammers from posting linkspam. They will post it if they can, and they will not care, or stop to find out if it will benefit them. They'll just automate the post (or, more likely, pay some sweatshop to use a botnet to post the spam).

I've been fighting constant linkspam on the few forums I allow anonymous posting on. Basically, my strategy has been the following: on the first occurance of linkspam ban the Class A address of any APNIC IP. Ban the entire network of any non-english-speaking IP on the first occurance of linkspam. Any US addresses, send e-mail to the abuse address of the owner, then ban if it continues.

I've collected a pretty extensive list of networks at this point. Obviously, this strategy works for me - I don't have or expect a lot of foreign traffic. But posting forums rules didn't work, adopting NOFOLLOW just means that Google and others won't process it - not that they won't keep posting it. Only being extremely heavy-handed with banning IP networks has slowed it down.

But I'm still having to deal with at least a few a week. Sad

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i use ip banning as well but at dns level so they never reach apache.

If they use the "VirtualHost" ip adress apache then will server the "default page".

What about if they want to spam my smtp server .. well they will never reach it lol ... using server ip adress to connect? then my smpt will serve a "literal" error.

To do this you need an "acl" with bad guys ip/net and send them to a blackhole.

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