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I would like to convert my PHP-Nuke based site to DragonflyCMS. Im running PHP-Nuke Ver 7.8, and I already have the very latest version of DragonflyCMS installed and ready to go.

I would assume there is some type of converter out there, but Im having no luck finding it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

all you need to do is follow the included directions Wink
To upgrade from PHP-Nuke 5.5-7.6 or CPG-Nuke 8.x

1. It is highly advised to do a full site back-up and database backup before
upgrading on the slight possibility something may go wrong.

2. For security reasons, if the following file exists please delete it:
- modules/Your_Account/admin.php

3. Copy the information in your old "config.php" you will need this information
for the new "config.php".

4. Edit the file from the release "config.php". Change all the fields to match
the information obtained from your old config.php. This information is
critical be sure to double and triple check that it is correct. It is also
importent not to use the old config.php!

5. Upload ALL the files of the 'html' directory to your website keeping
the directory structure intact. (ex: admin->admin, modules->modules etc.)

6. Follow the steps in INSTALL.txt starting with step #4.


A. If you are upgrading from a PHP-Nuke install it is advised you deactivate all
blocks before upgrading. This may help avoid compatibility issues immediately
after install and allow you to turn one block on at a time to see if it will
work correctly under DragonflyCMS.

B. Some blocks will work as they are with DragonflyCMS but some will need 'porting'
before they work properly. Please read
dragonflycms.org/FAQ/i...cat=1.html for more information

C. Themes may also need some 'porting' before they will work properly, it is
highly recommended you test your themes by changing it in your account before
changing it to your default theme.

D. Please be sure to check the 'add-ons' folder for files you may need
(downloads, weblinks, etc.) (more info about this in the INSTALL.txt file)

E. If you plan on using the attach-mod or other phpBB mods found on
dragonflycms.org please look in the 'phpBB mods' folder.

F. More information about porting PHP-Nuke and other php applications is
available here dragonflycms.org/Forum...=2016.html
and here dragonflycms.org/FAQ/i...cat=1.html


Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
1.3.34 (Unix)/4.1.18-standard/4.4.2 / CVS

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