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Didn't know where else to put this, so I played it safe and put it in chit-chat.

I have been reading posts here and there about how Dragonfly was hitting the skids and going nowhere, and it did seem as though things were rather stagnant late last year. Due to one piece of software I have renewed confidence and a renewed love of the DF CMS.

I have been testing layingback's Pro News module, which is a complete gem. I am a very critical judge regarding what I want to see on any of my DF sites, and if it's not right, I won't load it. There have been lots and lots of tweaky little hacks and small mods coming out recently, but this is a big one. This one module makes Dragonfly THE best CMS there is (and believe me I've tried them ALL).

Pro News allows me to load articles, upload images, and discuss in the forums. The old original News module that came with pales by comparison, and the new Pro News has renewed my site posting fervor!

I was a beta tester for the module, and I appreciate any devs who take their (unpaid) time to develop and test these modules for the great majority of us who are simply users...and complainers about why this or that does or does not work like we want it. My hat is off to anyone who designs or develops anything for a free piece of great software like DF is. I salute them all, and not one person should ever complain about DF. One should suggest a change, or better still...do what I did and learn to do some of the changes yourself.

Bottom line: always be aware that what you're using (DF) is completely free...the modules are free...the hacks that we all love are free...and we should give any developer their due. I want to say a special "thanks" to layingback in particular. 😄

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The atmosphere around here seems to be much better than before the forums were locked. Looks like things have been reorganized well Smile

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Why did they lock it in the first place?

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so when will this Pro News be released?

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Today!!! 😉

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