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I like the idea of them seeing they they are banned i also like the idea of having a page listing who is suspended and even a block showing the suspension. Give those who wont behave a reason to start behaving when they get unsuspended. For those that are worried about legal issues just make it an option wether or not to display the suspension publicly or not.

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No.. no-one else would see their username or know that they're banned - it would just appear for the user in question. Anyone else would see that they're trying to view a particular page, in the who-where block.

The user in question would simply never see any content; they'd see the proper title, the outline of the page, and a simple, "You have been banned for ....... . The ban will be lifted on ......"

I'm going to mess around with the code; it seems to me this would look just like the "login required" page, and would function almost the same way. A new user-level variable would be required, I'm assuming a boolean named something like "user_banned" but that'd be it.

As a side-note.. I THINk this might be possible, but I haven't tested it yet - but the ability to specify a timeframe when a ban would be lifted.. i.e. a day, 3 days, a week, etc...


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private. :)

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