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Not a new topic I know but something that would certainly be very useful to us (and I'm sure many other people). No matter what hardware you are using there is almost certainly a maximum size for your forum .....

Of course, we could use the prune feature to reduce the number of posts within our db but we're reluctant to do this as I'm sure our users would complain. They like dredging up old topics!

My suggestion therefore is that DF incorporates some form of archiving feature. Our suggestion (for what it is worth) is that use is made of the multiple forums feature of DF to create archives on an annual basis. On a periodic basis (say monthly?) topics without a post in the last 12 months are moved into an archive forum. Thus you would end up with forums for 2005, 2006, etc

Grateful for any thoughts?

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I had the same idea one year ago, implementing some kind of archive at yearly basis but on my idea was the site admins that decide when to move old topics to the archive.

Also my idea was to move those topics and posts in a totally different table to achieve better performance for the active forums tables and still keep URL perfect working for the archived topics/posts.

Still i didn't come up with a definitive solution on how to organize archive tables.

[edit]and search[/edit]

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Interesting that we've independently come up with a similar idea!

Looking at the two issues:

1. URLs. I see that this would be a problem if you effectively had separate modules for different years (i.e modules/Forums2007, modules/Forums2006, etc). Could you have a htaccess file within /modules/Forums that catches 404 pages, and redirects them to a file that tries to figure out where the topic now lives? You'd need a table that matches topics to Forums200x but could that work?

2. Search, I think you could live with a search that only worked within the individual forum year.

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No separate modules at all ... the archive will still be access from the /Forums as it happens now this is the only way to keep URL working, so the archive search needs to be placed as an option in the currect forums search page.

For the second point i think in a different way ... as example:
On your above post you have found a 2 years old topic (Fri Sep 02, 2005)
then amwreck replied after 6 months.

Nothing will happen to users that never search, but users that really search before creating a new post will have to search twice or more times, this is something that really hold me, make life harder to whom properly follow etiquettes.

However a good speed improvement might be achieved.

.:: I met php the 03 December 2003 :: Unforgettable day! ::.

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If I may interject, as I recall this topic from the past...pruning the database means deleting articles. If this was allowed it could affect more than just a user, it could affect the search engines as well as potentially cause repeat topics for sites that have a lot of traffic about certain stuff, or people that have google bring them to your site.

Having an option to prune would be a good idea as some sites do not need to keep the posts forever and ever, they could simply prune based on time and poof they are gone.

Another option that's been tossed and used in the past (which I wasn't crazy about) was having two forums, and using one for old archives, and one for current. This leads to the double searches, and will cause search bots endless grief.

Another thing could be for the forum to stop pulling articles past a certain time and render them (eliminate pulling and sorting the tables also) for everyday use (how many folks go back more than a year reading posts...?) but still leave them in the database for search and retrieval.

Just my two bits worth, in some part rehashed again. Wink

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