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Archived ⇒ 7/16 Commit 1

Splitted the "Blocks" admin in 2 seperate systems: blocks and headlines

blocks module is modified to reduce query load and reflect new admin system.
headlines module also modified to reflect new admin system

Added "Server Info" and "Cache" modules to admin area to recieve/control server information and mmcache (others will be added if available)

Admin and User system is handles cookies better by controlling them thru the cpg_member class.
Note the class controls all user/admin verifications and stores the user/admin data.
The class will be shipped in 2 flavours on release as voted in the Merge the admin and user login survey (second flavour still needs to be build)

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Fedora 25 / Apache 2.4.27 / MariaDB 10.1.26 / PHP 7.1.10 / Mercurial

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