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Have people found any optimal number to request on a donation meter?

I don't list the entire amount my server costs me. I list only $60.00 and lately its been filled.

I am curious if I list it too high will people be discouraged from donating?

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Only $60? How much do you get your server for? Seems you are spending a fortune on it.

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My server is expensive, but I have a lot of traffic and constant activity. The less expensive plans never met our needs.

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Unix / 2.0.46 (Red Hat) / 0.9.7a / 4.1.9-standard / 4.3.2 /

His question is asking, what is an acceptable amount to post for donations?
He wants to hear what other members experiences are with requesting donations.

Not what he pays for his server. Rolling Eyes

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Please enter your server specs in your user profile! 😢

You can request just about any amount. What I would do is since you have it at 60 now and is being met raise it to 70 and see if it gets met and keep raising in 10 increments over time you will get to a decent amount. With out raising any alarms.

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I took the bar right off and placed a small graphic which I tag on people that donate a bit like here although not with levels, you donate £1 or £1000 you get the same tag, I found people started donating £5 who wouldn't donate when it showed the total and considering my server costs $294 per month I need all the £5 donation I can get. Thankfully though we have other fundraising avenues and we manage to cover our server, we also host around 60 sites very cheaply. Added to that the site gave out over £1500 in donations to various charities last year all through member donations.

We have brought out hard copy newsletters and sold them making a small profit which went towards our server costs and various other projects. The site is fairly active although not huge but we have a tight wee community who help the site as much as they can.

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The rationale bluefin221 uses is why Treasury has the options to omit the donormeter and donation targets. If you still wanted to show progress but omit target levels, then the donormeter can be shown by itself.

A major site that I know of finds it is best for them to omit both the targets and the donormeter, and use those options. You can also make use of the Supporters component to provide recognition (in their case they only use it as an admin tool), which can also be reinforced by the Treasury option of automatically adding donors to a special group.

I would suggest removing the target rather than increasing it, and see how that works.

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All good advice. Thank you everyone.

I've noticed that people will donate exact amounts towards the end of the month to get the meter to reach 100% of the goal. So if we are short $11 someone will come along and donate $11... then donate again once they realize that paypal took a cut - all to make the meter reach 100%.

I'm going to try the full amount with full disclosure and then if that fails I will take Phoenix's advice.

I also use the supporters screen. Its a great tool to show support but most people on my site choose to be anonymous when they donate. Go figure.

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Unix / 2.0.46 (Red Hat) / 0.9.7a / 4.1.9-standard / 4.3.2 /

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