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I was wondering if anyone managed to get the new version of the FCK editor that is available for download on this site to work with RC2.

The description suggests that there is nothing you need to change in order to get it working but I seem to misunderstand something.

Any help from someone who has this working is highly appreciated. Since I didn't manage to install it yet, I do not even have a clue which modules the editor would be available for....

The main reason why i would love to have either FCK or TinyMCE working for DF is that wonderful g2image module that I'd like to give a go in combination with gallery2.

I am perfectly aware of the cons of using wysiwyg. But security issues aside, such an editor is simply something that the users, especially the ones that are to be encouraged to enter new content, want.

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Linux 4.1.22/PHP: 4.4.8/DF:

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