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Here's a link and summary to the following news announcement:



Feb 05, 2008 - On Monday, ICANN, which maintains the Internet's addressing systems, said it had for the first time added IPv6 addresses to the appropriate files and databases on -six- of the world's 13 root server networks - the systems containing the authoritative databases that form a master list of all top-level domain names. Before ICANN did this, those who were using IPv6 had no choice but to run it alongside IPv4, because the root server networks accommodated only IPv4... Businesses are now being urged to start migrating to the sixth version of the Internet protocol--IPv6. Because it uses a longer string of characters, this version makes it possible to have more than 340 trillion trillion trillion possible unique addresses. IPv6 has already been in use for a while in large corporations, where many employees need to be hooked up to a semiprivate network, but ICANN's latest move marks the start of the wider migration...

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