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WoWRosterDF 2.0 Beta SVN[1758]

Yes, it is the time you all have been waiting for...
The WoWRosterDF 2.0 public beta!

We now have a complete Dragonfly installer thanks to Zanix and his hard work. This version of WoWRosterDF installs like any other module from Dragonfly's module admin control panel. Zanix has designed the installer to allow you to change the name of the module directory to allow more than one install like 1.7.3 had. Those who have downloaded the Alpha version this version will install with no troubles to you, but it is going to be best to remove all the Alpha db tables as well as removing the rosterdf row with in the cms_modules table to completely clean Dragonfly of the Alpha version.

From Origanl Roster svn Post:
Make sure you get the 2.0 beta interface image pack
upload to your dfroot/modules/WoWRosterDF/img/ directory or even just dfroot/images/ and just mapp to it via Roster admin control panel

Beta Testing Guidelines
Follow the guidelines or DIE!

We have one piece of bad news, there will be no upgrade from lower versions of Roster.

Now, I know what you are saying. {expletive removed}?!?! I neEDDDZs it!
We sympathize, but we determined that the amount of new data that 2.0 collects, combined with the completely new table layouts, and the fact that Roster itself is so vastly different this time around, justifies the lack of an upgrade path.

So we are very sorry, clean installs only for Roster 2.0.
...But it's soooo worth it!

As for upgrading from the beta's to the final release, the upgrader has been improved so it is going to be possible.

Please create a new thread in this forum for any bugs encountered, code snipits to help out, suggestions, or help with addons.

As always, we would like this release to be as stable as possible.
So give this a thorough workout and post your feedback.

EDIT: This should be obvious but it should be said
Roster 1.x addons will not work with Roster 2.0

You Must Be Registered / Logged-in to Download WoWRosterDF 2.0 Beta

cwells.net | FC7/Apache2/MYSQL5/PHP5/9.2
secret-order.us | FC7/Apache2/MYSQL5/PHP5/9.2RC
wowroster.net | FC8/Apache2+lighttpd/MYSQL5/PHP5/9.2

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

Any chance of seeing something like this for generic MMO support.

Personally my guild plays WAR (beta right now) which will infact be supporting some traffic community XML sites providing stats about the in game war control and player/guild stats etc.

But be nice to see a generic one where, users could maybe upload their own icon packs depending on which game they are using, a "recruitment block" when you need to recruit more of certain classes. etc etc.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
no idea....

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