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A long time ago I put up a TeamSpeak display block on these forums. Since then, we've begun to use Ventrilo instead. Finding nothing suitable that was already written, I kludged together a Ventrilo Server display block. It shows channels and users.

The block contains code blatantly ripped off from ventrilo-monitor.com who's owner I attempted to contact, but have never received an answer. Should he answer in the negative later on, I'll pull the attached file from this post.

You'll need to make a couple simple edits to the block-ShowVent.php file for things like colors and your server address:port, but that's all.

If this is a duplicate of something already here, I apologize. I searched and didn't see anything though.
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FreeBSD 4.7 on a virtual machine / Apache and Apache2 / MySQL 4.1.11 / PHP 4.3.8

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