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Hi, you can move this topic if its not in the right location.

I currently use Dragonfly CMS for my Boyscout Troop's website.. www.troop8113.org.

Many of the people who come to my site are noobs on the internet and get confused when trying to download files.

Is it possible for me to somehow edit my downloads module so that When a user clicks on the Name of the download, or on the small download icon, it will go straight to the download file instead of going to the details?

For example.. To get a download all I would do is go to Downloads -> Click on the file i want -> then it would prompt to open or save

-Thank You

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I swear I've seen this answered here somewhere, but can't find the post now. I need to do this on one of my sites. I've explained for the 6th time that they have to click on the filename in the list after clicking "Download Now" - they're just not getting it!

Anybody figure out a hack for this? All my downloads on this site only have 1 source, so just need the "Download Now" link to default to the first file there

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