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Well I'm not a hundred percent sure this is where I should be posting this but I'm pretty sure. Any ways. Me and my gaming clans web developer are looking into switching to this server which from a site we've seen on this server (that is no longer used) this is exactly what we need. However this is our first time setting up a dragonfly CMS site and we have hit a small roadblock. We don't have a server to host it on. So my question to the community is what server would you guys recommend for us to host it on. (Please note we are on a very tight budget.

Thanks in advanced for any help you my provide.


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I'm not a gamer, just a developer, but I've been very pleased with my host over a period of 6+ years. Put up 6 sites with no issues. Follow my www link to see info concerning my host in lower left block. Price is very competitive, esp. with current winter promo - which will end soon...

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Linux / 1.3.39 - 2.4.9 / 5.5.42 - 5.6.16 / 5.4.37 - 5.5.11 / 9.4

If you have more of a local site, you should find a hosting which servers are nearest to you, though that´s not mandatory.

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thanks. I'll have my developer take a look into it.

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well actually it does for fast dl's to work with steam games...you would want a server close to you, or atleast in the same country....I run a gaming community and have used dragonfly since we started...in my experience most hosting comanies dont know what they are doing, they block ports u might need for your game servers to talk to your webhost (for global ban lists, and other database enabled mods)
I have only found one (yes only 1) that gives you full access to everything...you can even run psychostats (with perl) no problem...

tell them bytethegroove from prophetsofdeath.net sent ya

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linux 2.4.21/apache 1.3.37/Mysql 4.1.22/php 4.3.12/Dragonfly cms 9.2.1

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