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Ok I've been using a php nuke CMS for my website for quite sometime now. The problem I'm currently facing is that our website crashed and every method of fixing the problem appears not to exist. That includes the support website and our database. Luckily enough our website was hosted for free.

Now I've talked with my websites staff members and we've all agreed that it may be beneficial to change to a different hosting plan and restart our website. I've used dragonfly cms systems before as a junior admin of another site when they used it. I'm wanting to set up the new website using dragonfly CMS. So are there any free and somewhat decent host that I can use to host the site. If not then list the host and how much it'll cost per year for the hosting.

Thanks for any help you provide.

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Dragonfly CMS

www.frih.net free and stable over several years. Multi domains/sites, MYSQL DB, php5 and so on. NO ADS

You can also check:


May you find a "good" free host.


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