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Hello everybody,

As we have seen recently Eestlane saying good bye, i'd like to ask what i did not dare to do in the past.

What is the future of DragonFly since the community is less and less active on one hand, and the developpers are stil comitting changes for the coming DF10 on the other hand.

I guess a lot of people a working on projects that are time intensive and like me they would like to know in what way their work would be lost if DF will die.

Is it possible to have an official commitment about that ?

I'm really motivated to help with what i can to keep DF up, so do not take this post as an negative one to DF. But if there is a will to keep DF up, some work must be done to do so.

Sorry again for my bad english, it's difficult for me to say thing clearly and avoid missunderstoodments.


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An official commitment is hard if not impossible to make.
Many of the main developers are adults, and adults can only easily commit to their family and their full time job if health allows that.

I do have lot of uncommitted work on my local copy, an upgraded DF structure which is somewhat unstable still.
This upgraded structure introduce the possibility for every plugin to "own" their URL extending index.php.

I did created a css.php, js.php, rss.php and they get called as example.com/index.php?js=arg1;arg2;arg3 with automatic minification and automatic gzip compression if the client support it.
Just drop a file into the specified directory and you can call it immediately after with index.php/example=args
They have a double interface, plugins can also queue CSS and JS files into classes, later to be sent to the templates into a single stylesheet <link> or <javascript> src tag drastically reducing network connections and server/client bandwidth. with a little (first hit) or none at all server/client CPU usage (successive hits)

The future its full of features but its simply delayed.
With my experience i know that upgrading is not something that we want to do every day, so as for now:
9.2 is stable so enjoy it
10 its under heavy development with brand new, and powerful, SQL and Javascript code and other undergoing features.

Can't really pretend that 3 only developers can do the same amount of work that hundreds of developers can do in other frameworks on the same amount of time, right? But we do our best to give you all the features that system administrators and webmasters really needs, you name them.
Any of these features are original and hand written by us!

Since a good documentation is not yet been written, I have decided to move all instructions at code level.
Users can then browse it from a not yet written module that will parse all inline docs and present them nicely formatted to the browser.
Developers will have all instructions within the code it self.

None of the above feature takes one day to write, test and include into main stream.

Sit back and enjoy your website without worries of any type, this is how everyone can help.

Absences of new releases doesn't mean it's dead!
The current 9.RC only had 669 downloads since "Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:36 pm" and so far no issues with it.
I could package and release it anytime I want if this is what everyone is expecting even if some feature request has not been included yet.

.:: I met php the 03 December 2003 :: Unforgettable day! ::.

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Thanks NanoCaiordo for the reply.

I totaly agree with the priorities you mentioned and i know about the fact you are still working on the new release and that it is a huge job.

The question is not about a new release since indeed the current release is stable and allows to do most of the important things we need for a website.

I think if DF have not to move to a private project of a hand full of people, the community needs to be boosted.
Some PR work must be done on CMS portals to promote DF. This only make sence if the outfit of the DF site itself is more up to date. I started a thread for having new themes developed, i has been read many times, but not enough votes or replies allows for now to decide anything. perhaps because no official reply from the dev team ?

Perhaps it's an idea to merge the various community sites into the main DF site in order to cumulate efforts on moderation and contribution.

Concerning documentation, what do you think about PHPdoc compliant documentation in the source codes ? It would easyly allow to make an online documentation on the DF site.

If i can do anything to help, please let me know. As you i have a job, a family, but i'm willed to spend some time helping you. Let me know.


Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux/Apache/MySQL 5.1.49/PHP 5.3.6/ DF

Thanks for your feedback Movix.
Even i do some things once in a while but my priorities shifted based on the current tech economy.
This is more a business and development point of view and i already switch writing code 3 times after start of Dragonfly CMS.

It's more to see how we can survive the future with less drastic changes. This is very complex material using HTML5, XML, XSD and WSDL.
Problem is: most software needs a complete rewrite after 5 years to stay on and Dragonfly v9 is here for 8 years already.
Drupal 7 is a big change to v6 but it's not spot-on.
This takes a lot of my free time and is slowly getting some ground in the corporate world.
Problem i am facing is the difference between junior to senior developers who all work in their own way with their own ideals.

When i found the light things will probably get smoother around here Smile

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I seriously hope this software is around for another 5-6 years at least i will gladly donate if this increases that chance.

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