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In this thread Nano states that "... no more custom themes for acp in v10."

This is not unexpected, nor am I going to raise objections as I did when it was 9.2.3. If a change of this type is to occur then clearly a main number version change (9 -> 10) is the best time.

If my module needs to adapt to use DF10 then so be it. But it has the potential to be a HUGE change, so I'd appreciate an early understanding of how this will work, so that I can prepare ...

In interests of common understanding, let's look at News. There are 2 ways to submit a story: through Submit News (user side) and Admin > Add Story (admin side). Different privileges available, different code = solid security. Both admin and user sides offer/require Preview, and this works for News as currently implemented (ie text only).

But what if the Preview also needs to support images, 'dynamic' CSS, javascript, etc? How does this get displayed in an admin Preview if the theme in use is always default for the acp? Templates by design separate the content from the display info, so we aren't just losing the niceties of image placement - which can still be important for fixed width themes. But it's not even possible to see the image to confirm it's the right one if the <img src="... code is only over in the user's custom template.

Asking user to create his theme modifications twice, once in his custom theme and once in acp is onerous work to place on the user, but worse requires custom alterations to the default theme.

So how is Preview to be accomplished in DF10?

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Just post the form to a userland preview with the prevtheme url flag?

Let me know how it goes.

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