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Acobe Source Code Pro Font for geany, etc. Reply to topic

Adobe have just released a mono version of their new open font Source Sans Pro, called Source Code Pro, specifically for code editing.

Details here, download from here.

Particular care taken WRT uniform character widths, and clear distinction between 0 and O and 1 and l, and perhaps of most benefit ( { plus oversized punctuation symbols.

No instructions for install in Linux, but for Ubuntu just extract, open the folder and double-click on a .ttf file, Font Viewer should open with an Install button in lower right.

Comes in 6 weights. I wish there was a way to make Geany use Light or Extra light as its default font weight.

BTW, anyone still put out by the syntax colour changes from the switch in v1.20 of geany, try downloading a selection of pre-built colorschemes from here: github.com/codebrainz/geany-themes - use the ZIP button upper left which builds you the latest zip on-the-fly, but check your exact geany version first.

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Thanks LB and yes, I use Geany... (wink).

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