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DJ Maze wrote
layingback has a point. the flood protection is disabled for admins.
This should be investigated as well but should be in a different forum topic.

Easy and quick way to read all posts is to:
  1. Display New since last visit
  2. Middle-click each displayed link (or say the 1st half-dozen, to open each in new tab
Saves waiting for re-displays which have to occur if you stay in the same same tab/window, and you often want to view multiple posts anyway, esp. if from same person.

But flood protection makes this all but impossible - > 2 sec wait required between each.

Not sure what the purpose of FP is? To deter mass postings? But at what cost, if it upsets your members?

Possible solutions?

Allow FP to be turned on/off by Group.

More generally make Moderators a system wide group (not just Forums) and disable FP for that group.

If possible to determine that last action was a db Write, then only trigger FP following a Write.

Even more general, create 2 classes of members, new and other, where all new members are New until X condition is met, and enable FP only for New Members. {Huge number of other uses for this, no PM until out of New member status, post in Forums but not in News, etc, etc.)

There may be other solutions.

Note this is for discussion, not a demand Wink I'm quite happy to disable for all my sites - for the benefit of my members, and me. Smile

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Your idea is good.

FP was designed for behavioural bots that don't follow the rules like crawl delay and spam bots that try to post many comments in news articles.

Instead of FP one way would be to protect all posted data (comments, forum posts, etc.).
Disallow posting of url's by detecting them in the $_POST array and only allow if you are member for at least 4 weeks.

The FP would then only be active for anonymous users.

Let's hope other people respond with great idea's!

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@DJ: 4 weeks is a good idea

@layingback: depends the settings its about 3-5 requests for the first 2 seconds to trigger the first javascript warning which should freeze the browser stopping you from making other requests ... I personally can't be that fast and if users still get banned there is an issue.

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Yes, it does freeze the browser - banning of users no longer an issue. But in scenario above, open page on Forums/search/search_id=newposts.html, and middle-click on 2 or 3 new posts, and 2nd or 3rd tab will only contain ERROR - Flood Protection unless you count to 2 between each. Which means closing Tab(s), and then trying to work out which ones you need to see again ...

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