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Pro_News CM 4.0.1 BETA is out Reply to topic

If anyone wants to partake in Pro_News beta be aware that the code is now available. Full details here.

Please note this is the first release via github so there may be release issues.

The code should be stable, as the changes are most peripheral changes, including a number of (possible) improvements to Facebook and Google+ integration. But it is beta, so unless you are comfortable with that, do not employ on a production site yet.

It is running on layingback.net and I will be installing on pentaxslr.eu (which is currently running a pre-release) asap.

Pro_News CM™ - Content Management for Dragonfly CMS™

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux / 1.3.39 - 2.4.9 / 5.5.42 - 5.6.16 / 5.4.37 - 5.5.11 / 9.4

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