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Facebook login module updated for api v2.9 Reply to topic

Okay here is an update for this module. I have done the following.

1. Fixed a url issue. I still had facebook.php hard coded when it should have been replaced with login-fb.php.
2. Added text field for email address in the register template, since you can now sign up on FB with a cell phone number and so you may not get an email from users profile.
3. Module now picks up location and timezone to be added to the cms_users table.
4. Hacked the facebook class to use Facebook 2.9 API. Now this module can be used for a few more years until DF10 is in it’s final release.

Todo – Get face book profile image. I am trying to get the raw image url and save it to the database any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Can someone test this and let me know if they have any issues.

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