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My experince with some hosts so far (mostly Vultr and BuyVM) Reply to topic

Just wanted to state, for whatever it is worth, that I have enjoyed good experience with especially Vultr and BuyVM

If you have never heard of these companies you maybe you will find this insightful. I did most of my research when looking for companies using google, lowendbox.com and webhostingtalk.com but for now i am satisified sticking to these two, my needs are low to moderate needs not high-end needs yet (maybe one day).

BuyVM had the best value for money but still be reliable for me. At first I assumed it was a dodgy host, but all the comments that the people running lowendbox.com made about it made me feel maybe it was a better company after all (they were all acting like they were friends with the guy running the company or something).

Vultr is a bit more expensive but I like that they have many more locations such as one in my country (Australia) so I can have very low-latency hosting to my local area, also their Australia hosting is actually cheaper than any other Australian company.

Can run windows server
Both have KVM which means it is possible to run Windows server as well, I have actually done that just to test with, but only for a short while because I didn't have a serial number to activate it beyond the initial trial period. Plus you need to do some complicated thing with "VirtIO" drivers while installing windows over a VNC connection on their website. But BuyVM have a button you can click that will mount the VirtIO drivers, anyway it is a bit out there. But the normal linux hosting worked very well for me.

What I'm paying
I find Vultr $5 / month VPS to be fine, and in BuyVM I actually got one for $3.50 / Month that is not as good CPU but has even better disk and RAM so I'm very happy on that one. It was limited stock though Sad

I have used a bunch of other systems in the past:

was okay, but not as good value as these others so I stopped using it to save my money

Digital ocean
This actually was not very good for me. I was one of their first customers so my account was gifted with unlimited bandwidth on all VPS that I ever order with them, but the problem is that their upgrades keep breaking, and the VM would randomly stop working and need to be reinstalled, only host that this happened to me with. I didn't open support I just remade the VPS and put my files back on it, but I think they have a reliability problem. Like on vultr (uses KVM) I would install linux, then run my custom C server, and it was still working a month later, on digital ocean (not sure what they use), it would work at first, but if i left it and checked some days later, it wasn't responding anymore and the VPS would have to be rebooted. Plus the prices of digital ocean is not any cheaper or better value than vultr, so I don't use digital ocean anymore.

So that is just my experience if you were interested in it at all. Also I have used networksolutions, godaddy, netregistery (for .com.au ), name.com, namecheap, and namesilo for DNS hosting.

Now I only use namesilo as they seem the cheapest at normal prices (although sometimes godaddy has the best specials, but I always hated them since 2009 or so when they did some nasty things to some customers).

Others I use / used
netregistry is the worst as they want to charge you a fee if you use their dns record manager and want to make more than 10 updates / changes a year! you really have to host the nameservers yourself using them, but I am forced to use them to get .com.au domains...

Why i use namesilo now
I never knew about namesilo until someone on web hosting talk told me that they were the best for cheapest prices. I like how they seem to have no marketing department, it makes me feel like it is a very technical company who are smart and honest and not sleek and always upselling like godaddy, networksolutions, and even name.com are like now.

Their web control panel is a bit odd but i don't mind it that much. They try to make it convenient to administrate many domains at once, you can select a list of domains and then apply a "template" to them all, and you can create your own templates as well. The templates are things like "add cloudflare" or "add github pages" or all those other services that you can use, where they say "just go into your dns manager and add these records to make use of your domain on our service" well namesilo have created templates to do that for you in a single click for a lot of those systems so I've used that only once (for adding github).

I use github to host static files for free to reduce my bandwidth
I use github to do free static file hosting, like cdn.mydomain.com will redirect to my github account, and all my .css .js .jpg etc are served by github for free, I will stop doing this if i have too, but for the moment its a neat trick that I enjoy to use. I figured out that you can do this, tried it, it worked for me, so I have stuck with it. Don't know if I should recommend it though, but I am using this trick right now.


vultr website: www.vultr.com/
my accounts affiliate link for vultr (their affiliate page says it will give you $20 bonus credit): www.vultr.com/?ref=7025808-3B
Vultr created my VPS very quickly after ordering.

buyvm.com website: buyvm.net/ (buyvm.com doesn't work it has to be .net)
my accoutns affiliate link for buyvm: my.frantech.ca/aff.php?aff=1863 (it seems buyvm, frantech, buyshared, and Minerack all seem to be the same company)
BuyVM took 1 day to create my VPS (probably due to australia to usa timezones, it seems that VPS are made in buyVM by staff checking the order or something)

namesilo website: www.namesilo.com/
my accounts affiliate link for namesilo: www.namesilo.com/prici...=cfbb673cp (links to their pricing page)
my affiliate coupon code: DFCMS (supposedly gives a $1 discount at the checkout)

[EDIT] Actually now I'm not sure if this is even the right forum or whatever. Well, I thought that I'd make a post relevant to website hosting using all the information I've discovered over the years in case anyone wanted to know but really I came here to spread the news about nikola tesla. I guess if this is wrong place it can just be deleted / moved?

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Vultr and DigitalOcean are really good vps. I have experience with working on both. The only problem is that managing these servers is quite a pain. When it comes to upgrade the version of some component or diagnosing any issue with the server, it can take a lot of time to do that. But there are services that can help with this, like Forge. Both provide managed servers of Digitalocean and Vultr. This means these platform providers will be responsible for managing and handling all the server related issues.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

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