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Also theres no credits for my Join a group block or my Link Us modules. The join a group block was never released by me under gpl and was included anyways. all I see is that the $Author is DJmaze?

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Sorry, I rewrote that myself, it usta have a form field now it lists the group.

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The idea of the block indeed came from you paris.
But the "Join a group" block was based on code released under GPL (see Groups module code).
I know this since i helped you with the code and the complex SQL queries inside the block.

Since GPL states that code based on other code must be GPL this means the "Join a group" block is GPL.
Since you provided the block to use and that it included a notice about GPL, we may use it for any OpenSource purpose we want.

Due to that i added it to the CVS so that others may use it as well under the terms and conditions of the GPL.
Since i commited it to CVS the auto tag of the CVS program, $Author$ automaticly hooks the name of the commiter to the file so that others know who commited a revision of the file.

Since you're not satisfied that you're name is missing we could add a notice in the block itself (instead of only on this page) so that credit is given to you.

See the history

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