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I am setting up another site and uploading all files, but for some reason the webhost will not allow the .htaccess file. Is is required to have the .htaccess file? Confused Or should I disregard the .htaccess file? Confused


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Hmm -- I would ask your host for a very good reason why they would disallow a .htaccess file.

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I have the same issue. I am on IIS server, and .htaccess does not work on it. I have to delete file from server to have functional site. Then my problem becomes site not being secure and anyone can log in. Is there anything I can do to secure site that you know of? I am a newbie at this. First program I've installed on my own.


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IIS doesn't support .htaccess, hack Windows OS doesn't allow files that start with an dot by default anyway.

We don't support server related security issues unless people pay us for it just like for any other IT specialist starting at $60 an hour.
We are a content management system not a server management system.

Does having no .htaccess makes my site vulnerable?

No, not in the extend of Dragofly CMS, but that's just relative compared to all other stuff on the server.

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Sorry for the newbie question, I was just wondering if there is anything out there or anything that can be done to secure admin pages.. I am sure others are on Windows also and just looking for a work around. Currently if you go to index.php you can easly access anyones profile (none at the moment except test profiles) and Admin. So if there is a work around would be great if you could direct. Guess that is all I was asking. Again, I am not a programer - this is my first attempt at any install on my domain.

To see what I am refering to ... you can go to www.portal2success.net/df/index.php My goal is to make this a secure - member only training site for my distributor using the DF..

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on windows os server if you want certain files "protected" set the read/write rights to either allow or disallow them from executing, reading, or writing etc...

.htaccess files are apache files only - they help the web-admin by incorporating functionality beyond the server-folk's limitations... (limits set on the server or php) - it's sort of equivalent to having a .ini file for windows programs... or .cfg

in any event - to limit access to your windows files you ought to protect the directories/files using window's read/write accesses...

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