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I'm planning a new site on marine life and I'm considering CPG-Nuke against Drupal as a possible CMS for it.

The main website content will be hundreds (eventually thousands) of information pages for individual marine life species. Each page will have descriptions of the species, an embedded photo album of photos of that species, and many of those pages will also have an embedded online video in WMV format or similar.

The individual pages will be reached via a hierarchical structure, for example "bony fishes > moray eels > zebra moray". The structure may be upto 6 levels deep, but not more than 4 clicks from the homepage. My plan is to make the individual pages as THE authoritative page for that particular species and for them to reach the top search engine ranking position for searches on that particular species.

Besides the info pages I want regular articles, a full-featured discussion forum, advanced search etc.. I may also want an integrated shop, or I may just pass purchasing to another sister site set up with Zencart or similar.

The site will make money by:

1. Sales of my own DVD.
2. Advertising (e.g. Google Adsense, National Geographic affiliate program etc.).
3. Possible membership fee for viewing premium videos online etc..

So is CPG-Nuke appropriate for this? My specific concerns at the moment are:

1. Can video files be streamed within the pages themselves?
2. Can "seperate" image galleries be created for each individual page, so that I can have the image gallery plus the embedded video plus the text description of the species all on one page?
3. Can CPG-Nuke classify items at 6 levels deep? (Drupal can do this but I heard Mambo can only go 3 levels deep).
4. Is there a built-in ecommerce module that can run a small online store or is there an e-commerce application that can share the login?
5. Can I create search-engine-friendly URLs? e.g. "www.marine-life.org/sharks/grey-reef-shark"

Any advice or opinions would be very gratefully received.


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Sounds to me like the content module would be what you need to inquire about. It covers all your needs except I'm not sure how many levels deep it goes because I don't use it. You can embed video, links, images, etc.. in the module just like you would a forum. You can not attach images to a post though I don't think. You'd have to upload the images via ftp which is what I do. Then link to them...or use the gallery and link to those.

Ecommerce I have no idea someone else will have to let you know. I do know that there are ecommerce modules available in the downloads section as well as a paypal module if worse comes to worse.

Yes you can create search engine friendly urls using what we call here LEO or Link Engine Optimization. Basically it creates the search engine friendly urls as you've described.

I'm about to startup a gardening site and a t-shirt site. I will run Dragonfly on both of them and will have ecommerce on one. If an ecommerce module is not available then I will simply make my site only that ecommerce cms like agora or whatever. If a site has to have ecommerce and a module isn't available for a certain cms such as dragonfly, mambo, drupal, etc... then i would go straight to an opensource cart anyway.

Questions that still need answered:
Built in e-commerce module?
How many levels deep (sub-categories) can the content module go?

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

I would suggest taking a look at mKnow from www.markroper.co.uk which is a VERY powerful content-module which I use.

Andreas Rönnqvist
[OmegaProject] Founder

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