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First up have to say "Dragonfly where have you been all my life" for the last 2 years we have been using first Postnuke and then phpbb, but now as we are about to start work on a new site and was looking for the right CMS and found Dragonfly and will never look back again Smile

even though PN 760 just came out I gave it a try and in less then a day it was getting giving so much of errors and pains I gave up, then I went to www.opensourcecms.com and found dragonfly, install it in less then 5 mins and had a new theme and a forum running in less then 10 mins after that so you can be shure PN dident last much longer on our server.

Anyways the site we are now working on is mainly a GFX site we will be making Custom Banners, Sigs, Avatars and one day Templats (as soon as I work out how DF ones work Wink ) as well as offer installs of all kinds of CMS and BB for free (for now) so heres to my asking for help-

I see that there are really not menny themes around for Dragonfly what I would love to find is one set around Dragons but thats hard to find on any CMS so if any one can point me to one that would fit in with a GFX site I would owe them a drink Smile

Next and I know this is probaly a no go before I even ask, we will also run a Sig of the week comp on our site and we would really like to run a ladder with that each week but the only ladder for CPG I have found so far is a gaming one and dont really know yet if this can be made to be just a SOTW ladder if any one know of any thing like this that might work with dragonfly I would love to know about if not I will just have to do one in HTML.

Anyways there lots more I am looking at but we can come to that some other time for now just want to say hi to the Dragonfly world you have yet made a new convert form the Postnuke world Wink

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Did you take a look at the Themes section of the downloads module on this site? Also, you might want to take a look at www.cpgthemes.com Kristin has several nice themes available over there.

Oh, and welcome to Dragonfly. It's nice to hear from another satisfied user.

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Thanks for the welcome, we sorted out some themes going to use 3 over all the main one being tf_noob, we should be going live with the new site in about a week Smile

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Linux, 1.3.33 (Unix), 4.0.24, PHP-4.3.11, DF-

Good luck on your site launch.

It's always great to see a new satisfied admin join the ranks. I look forward to seeing your site launch.

- |\\/|ystic

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