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In regards to the "A call for organization" topic we like to see some structured details.

Please explain as detailed as possible how you want get involved with Dragonfly. Keep in mind that if you want to get involved in several ways your involvement regarding a certain aspect might decrease compared to the other so please provide which part you want to dedicate your free time on and not just everything.

Also only provide one reply and not more or we can't fully understand your purposes.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Fedora 25 / Apache 2.4.27 / MariaDB 10.1.26 / PHP 7.1.10 / Mercurial

My contributions thus far have mainly been to provide the differential file upgrades and general support. I would love to remain in this capacity until my knowledge of PHP coding improves.

- |\\/|ystic

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Ubuntu 14.04.1/Apache 2/5.5.38/5.5.9/

I spoke in depth (sorta) with akuma this morning via Yahoo Chat. As I stated to him, I'm like to be the Lead Developer for the CPGBB Forums module. I beleive that I am well suited both with experience and knowledge to handle this position.

I gave him my credentials on chat this morning, will post again if needed.

quis custodiet ipsos custodes

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Debian 6.07/Apache 2.x/MySQL 5.x/PHP 5.3/DF 9.x

i would love to help for documentation. via tutorials, functions or themeing. the last one i still have yet a lot ot learn but the tutorials once i understand the CMS a bit more i can help alot on.

bascially documentation, working on the Wiki and general support but i do suport whenever it's something that i can help with anyway Smile

i'm just that sweet

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Windows XP | P4HT 3.4| 1.5GB RAM | 256 Vid Card PCIX | Apache2.0.52 | MySQL 1.4.8 | PHP 4.3.10 | 9.03

In the time I've been here I have contributed to bug fixes, documentation, the projects in progress with the theme system, I've released modules, blocks and themes to the community.

I'm not sure what more I could include at this point, but staff or not, I do as much as I can in any given area than I feel needs my attention.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux 2.6.9 / 1.3.34 / 4.1.14 / 4.4.1 / CVS

I would like to not feel like the only DocuMentor actually documenting. I would like more help from those in the group and not in the group...

How to Port for Dragonfly

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux/Apache/MySQL 4.1.22/PHP 4.4.6/

I really want to help Dragonfly by doing port core non-templated modules to templated. for CPG-BB and coppermine, it really need people that have highly experienced of php because cpg-bb and coppermine is way too messy. it need people to clean up code to make it better. I understand time is a problem for all of us since outside life and hurricane(only you live in Gulf State) inference coding. I can Continue to find Bug and doing bug fixes.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Apache/1.3.34 (Unix)/4.0.25-standard/4.4.1/CVS

Although I´m definitely no PHP-pro and I do have the same problem DJMaze has (a time-consuming job), I would love to help ...
I have several years of experience with PUKE and started using CPGNuke with V8.2 on some of my sites (the others will follow, promised !).

I think I will continue to provide general support (especially for the german community), german language files and, as time permits, some mods/hacks ....

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):


.:: I met php the 03 December 2003 :: Unforgettable day! ::.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
CloudLinux / Apache 2.4 LSAPI / MySQLi 5.6 / PHP 5.6 / DCVS

I keep thinking about what to put here... (Kuragari summed it up nicely) -- I enjoy helping out when and where I can, whether it be bug fixes, porting, rewrites, mods, templating or anything else.

I know DJMaze asked us to be specific, but I find that difficult to do -- I have no real "interest" in any particular module (ie. some want to do just CPG-BB, some Coppermine, etc.). I simply don't have enough spare time, nor are my coding skills anywhere near what the devs put out, to even think about "leading" anyone. I work better following directions than giving them.

All I can say at this point is that I will, gladly, work for any group that needs help.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
RHE Linux / 2.0.52 / 4.0.22 / 4.3.10 /

If I can, I would like to be a part of Theming, since I have more expericnces in Web Designing.

Lead Theme Designer - WebSiteGuru Designs

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux 2.6.9 / Apache 2.2.6 / MySQL 5.0.27 / PHP 5 / DF Version 9.2.1

well if for some reason you are still looking for other people willing to help then what safecracker4hire said is basically exactly how it is for me, except that i am very capable code-wise.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux (Kernel: 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp)/1.3.33 (Unix)/4.0.24-standard/4.3.11/

I would like to lead a porting team to bring in modules and themes from other cms's. I'm tired of hearing "I'm not ready to move to dragonfly because this isn't available as it is in my current cms".

Porting team would be responsible for gaining original authors permission, leaving all credits intact, porting as exact replica or enhancing with more features.

This would allow low level theme designers a good opportunity to contribute until they become proficient enough to create complex original works. Possible advancement to the Design team.

This would allow low level module developers a good opportunity to hone their skills in php/mysql. Possible advancement to the Debugging Team.

I am good enough to lead this team and answer any and all questions to do with theme porting. Module porting is a bit more complex but I think I'm proficient enough to lead a team there as well unless someone else wants to do it.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

I'd like to promote mKnow as the "official" Knowledge Base module for DF. I'm aware that it needs a fair bit of work in 2 key areas to really be up for consideration, namely being properly and fully DF compatible and also being templated. I can take care of the former but I'll probably need some help with the latter. I also want to add features to mKnow that will enable it to completely replace the FAQ module, as I don't think it makes sense to use both on the same website, plus I'm open to ideas as to how to extend it to make even more powerful.

I also wouldn't mind being on a module porting team, as all my modules currently are Puke and DF compatible so I'm aware of the cross-platform compatibility issues. I wouldn't consider myself anywhere near profficient enough to lead it though Wink

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Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

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