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Hello everybody! I need some help deciding if DragonFly is the right thing for my site! Any help is appreciated!

I have been considering redesigning my plain HTML site into a fancy PHP based one that will help me manage my content easier. I run a flash entertainment/humor site that has funny videos, flash animations, flash games, images, audio, and jokes.

I have recently purchased a book on PHP and I am planning on building a system that will allow me to fill out a form with information like:

1. Title of flash movie
2. Description of flash movie
3. Source file "Browse..."

And then I'd press submit, and the movie will be added to a queue. Then at a later time I can go in and select like 5 movies I'd like to appear on the site. This would allow me to update my site on a weekly or even daily basis.

My question is: Is DragonFly the right software for me? Or am I better off learning PHP and coding it myself?

Thank you in advance!

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PHP Version 4.3.11

well you can use the download module if you would like them to be downloadable instead of viewable. if you want them viewable then i would use the content module and embed them using regular html.

the content module is a way to create an unlimited number of static html pages customizable with as much html, dhtml, java, or flash coding that you want. that's how i would do it...but you'll find here at dragonfly there are a lot of different ways to accomplish the same task. it's up to you to find out what method works best for your site.

dragonfly has the capability to do just about anything you can imagine. an elite coder could use dragonfly for a base to create a site like ebay or amazon. there are too many people that want to just use dragonfly and that's fine but it's capable of being much more. it just takes the right amount of time, learning, and coding. it sounds like your not up to that level yet but run dragonfly for a couple months. if you're not happy move onto something else. plan to be frustrated though. that's part of the learning process and has nothing to do with dragonfly. dragonfly is probably the easiest cms to learn, use, and master. being frustrated is learning how to code which you've expressed an intent on doing. Wink

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

I have a similar question. I am working with a client (local radio station) that needs a good CMS. There are several good ones out there I'm considering, but I always run into the same problem. There's too much functionality for this client. Specifically, he wants to restrict content posting to internal staff only. He does not want a forum, public registration or public submission of content.

Can you point me toward resources that explain how to disable unwanted features in Dragonfly? I tried simply deleting modules, but that didn't give me exactly the results I was looking for. I'm comfortable with modifying PHP scripts and have worked with OSCommerce, ZenCart, PHPBB, etc. for years, but I'm no programmer.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux/Apache 1.3.33/MySQL4.0.25/PHP4.3.9/

Admin >> Modules

Set all modules to Registered Users ONLY!

Admin >> User Config

Set user registration to NO!

Other functions you will have to go through and look around to see.

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Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux 2.6.9 / Apache 2.2.6 / MySQL 5.0.27 / PHP 5 / DF Version 9.2.1

I have done all these things, but the software will not let me display "My Account" to Registered Users only. Additionally, when I try to remove items from the Main Menu or disable them, they still show up.

The test site is at www.ottawapc.net/dragonfly

I can edit the PHP code if I need to. I'd just like someone to point me to the right files that need editing.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux/Apache 1.3.33/MySQL4.0.25/PHP4.3.9/

none need to be edited everything is in your admin section cpg main menu config. and modules in your admin section click edit next to the module you do not want shown and change the setting to no if your still loggged in as admin you will still be able to see them in the ain menu but they should have an arrow with a grey back ground beside them

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Multiple Setups

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