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Hi, if u wanna ask anything about malaysia lag please ask here.. i'll answer your question if i know..

today, to many developers start to using PHP-Nuke, CPG-Nuke and more PHP scripting.. but, malaysia have not any CPG-Nuke Official site.. I think i want to open it... but i dont belive it i can handle to many Website.. If i have your support, i can open it..

p/s: sorry for my English.. I'm not english but Malay :p

in any user or developer want to make a Malay Lang, please ask here.

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Welcome and thanks for joining us, I don't if anyone here speaks Bahasa Melayu although sengsara speaks Bahasa Indonesia. To run a Malaysian CPG-Nuke support site you would need to know programming fairly well and/or understand our forum so you could find fixes here and post them in Melayu there.
You may be able to find support at sengsara's site

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hi, where can I get the malay localization?

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