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I have created a module to list alternate characters for Heroes in my Super Group in this MMO. It orders them by their site username and shows all the basic info on a hero or villain.

Its pretty basic, but it works and I'm willing to share if anyone thinks they can clean it up a little and make it a useful module. Its a little bit too dependent on specific table names and such as it was written first just for our site and later adapted to be "more modular" lol.

Anyway, if anyone finds this interesting, post a reply and I'll upload it

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Linux/Apache 1.3.36/MySQL v5.0.24 Standard/PHP 5.1.6/DF

demo? my chaps in coh/v may find it interesting Smile

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Linux/1.3.33 (Unix)/4.1.21-standard-log/4.4.4/

Sure I'm delving into this myself, I'd love to see it.

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