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All to often I see forum moderators responding to new posts by directing the poster to one set of rules or another. I think this muddles the forums with posts that are irrelevant to the original content. Worse, those new posters here return to their original post thinking they might have an answer to their problem, only to find out they broke a forum rule - very disappointing, not to mention somewhat humiliating.

Might I suggest rather that the moderators stay on topic and do their housekeeping privately (thru pms or email. That way the forums stay positive and the threads can be a little more cleaner.

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And what if you as member reply to such topic and get angry afterwards because the person removed all credits (and maybe including yours)?

That's right, there are members that do get mad when they try to help someone and notice afterwards the person removed credits and due to that didn't want to help him anyways.

Or what if you as newbie try to search and the only topic subjects that pop up are "i need help"?

We are looking for a solution that would satisfy both types of members in a way of a "bad member" rank image or something.

But if you ask me.. My vote goes for public notice so that our respected members don't get mad by someone who doesn't understand the rules.

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besides if people would read the rules and follow them then they wont get a post directing them to the rule they violated

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And I have sent many private message and none are replied. Why?

1.) The individual may have their pm feature turned off.
2.) They have a pop up blocker that blocks notification of private messages.
3.) The email notification alerting the user he has a private message was caught by their email spam filters so the user never sees the email.

Over 7000 members on this website from all over the world.
We must have rules. It gets a little exhausting for us to have to say the same thing over and over again.
But if that is what we must do to help the user find the support they need from other users then we do it.

Our members shouldnt have to ask, "hey I would like to help you with your question but because you ignored filling in your server specs when you registered (which is a required field) or add your DF url, I am not able to give you an honest answer."

So we as the admins, take on the role of reminding users this information is needed.

Apparently its ignored when they register. Maze has added a "before you start a topic request support, your should know our rules and regulations" note at the bottom of every new text entry, ignored too.

In return we get blasted by people for interupting threads??
When you can find the answer to having each member do what is required at registration, then you will have a valid complaint, and we as admins can move on to other business.
I cant speak for anyone else but I personally find NO enjoyment in posting the same rules and regs OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

Rant off.

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I would like to modify the suggestion. How about giving private warnings to violators? I admire how religious the mods are about the forum rules.

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Its not just a matter of being religious about forum rules. The credits are applied to the cms or a custom theme or a module or something, anything that is created for a reason. They are there to show who put the time and skill into making the product. When someone takes the credits off its like slapping the person who created it in the face. Its a matter of respect and appreciation.

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If the moderator knows where a topic is that answers the post, why not just merge the post to the post that helps, with a note also explaining the rules.

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Whats so hard about following the rules? If people read and follow the rules then all is well

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