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Hi i use futurenuke / Platinum 7.6.b.4 .. I dont really know much about it except that it's based on PHP-Nuke
My question is .. is it safe for me to use the PHP-Nuke to Dragonfly converter ? or am I in the risk of making a mess?

Platinium is simply just php-nuke with more options aint it?

Also, if I can go ahead, what version should i first port to? 9.1.1 directly or should i port to a older version first and then later upgrade dragonfly ?

Please advice.
Thanks, peace

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux/Apache: Yes/Mysql4.x/PHP5/9.1.1

Customized versions of nuke are risky.

I would wait for to be released, and then I would test on a copy of the site, using a copy of your database.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

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