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A couple of other guys and me have an idea to start a homepage where clans and players can recruite.

What I had in mind was a system where clans simply add them selves to a "wall" where they add them selves to the game they are recruiting for and with there details.

People looking for clans could later simply pick game and they would see a list of clans recruiting and a link to the clan details. It would be pretty much the same for players looking for clans, they would post there details and the clan could simply click a link "players searching clan", choose the game and wiev players recruiting..

We could ofcourse use forums for this, but it would most definatly be much cleaner and a better system to have it like the above...

I don't know if there's any module for this, but there might be a module that is actually intended for something else that could be rewritten for this...

Any ideas would be really apprechiated..


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Is there a dating module floating around? Something like that might be midifiable to fill your purpose.

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