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first of all I have to say that I have little to no understanding of anything technical behind DF and can only comment out of my experience of an administrator ans user.

My suggestion (or rather question whether this is an issue for others as well) is the following:

Many great modules to have the option for users to add comments to their content, which is a great thing. The only problem with this is that the comments are basically scattered all over the site and without actually browsing to the content in question you would probably never find out about the other users's opinions.

In a not-so-unrealistic scenarion you have the following modules with their very own comments system on your site:
  • News
  • Coppermine
  • 1+ Content module(s)
  • Surveys
  • Downloads
  • DFMultimedia
  • Competition Module
  • ...many others

What is missing is one central spot where users are notified of new comments and are more likely to go and have a look.

Of course one might say that users that are interested in certain stuff will go and have a look aanyway and thus will see the comments. But from my experience people are by far more curious about stuff when they see that others have already reacted to it (new content).

So basically what would be great is to have e.g. one block, similar to the "waiting content" block for admins where all the modules are listed that have recently added comments.

Imo even better would be a native "interface", option or function that would allow module developers to implement a forum integration as an alternative for their very own and isolated comments system.

That way you'd have one place where you can see all the user's reactions to newwly added pictures articles etc. and it is far more likely that you will have a look what those people are talking about than you would be without (you'd have to browse 5-8 modules on each visit just to find out whether there is something going on or not.

"Discuss This" module was a good step in the right direction but unfortunately dies before it was properly born.

I hope I was able to somehow articulate what I am aiming at. Maybe there are some other people that feel similar.

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I have a generic comment function which I'm now incorporating into my modules, which is encapsulated as a Class and uses a single comment table with the module it's used in as part of the key (i.e. all comments for all (my) modules actually reside in a single table).

It's a bit basic functionality wise, you can see it here on my new Clan site :-

but I guess it could be fleshed out easily enough with more functionality (I've only just added this so it's not fully developed yet).

What I don't have yet is a block to display latest comments for all modules, but it'd be easy enough to do.

Any developer can add this to his / her module with just 2 lines of code, and anyone who wants it can have it (I know I charge for modules but this is a simple function which I'm happy to give away free).

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Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

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