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I have a theme with a black background and I need to change the link color of the items on the CSS menu that shows up on the left side just under he heading from the blue to something with a little more contrast. What file and what setting would I find this color setting?

In a related question - can I turn off that menu all together? I did comment out a line that said it would remove it but it put a menu in the center of the page. I would like to turn it off all together for visitors, and have it on for registsred visitors.

Thanks in advance

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1. cpgmm.css in your styles directory. You'll want to change the color attributes in #menu, #menu a, etc...

2. You should have a line like
in your theme.php file. You could enclose that in an if statement - something like:
if user {include('includes/cssmainmenu.php'); } endif

NOTE: that's not real code - I'm too tired to think right now, but you get the idea...

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