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hello all,

i'm using "5mind" theme and the latest version of dragonfly.
Post Count, Rank, Date of Joining, Link to PM are not showing up, though they are displayed fine in "default" and "dragonfly" skin.

PS, i've seen 5mind support site(http://dev.fivemind.co.uk/) and its just the same there, so i think the problem is with the skin. Please help me to add them. Sad

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yet to get

Your best bet is to asked the author at his site. He can tell you better why these things did not show up.

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They did that on purpose - the intent was a lean, mean theme without all the "extra stuff"
You'd probably be better off using a different theme if that's not what you want.

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The information is still available to the theme as this generated separately (modules/Forumes/viewtopic.php etc). All you need to do is compare the template file for the new theme with the olf one, and copy across the tags for those fields, then they will show. Look in:

themes/your_theme/templates/forums/viewtopic_body.html . The old theme will have tags like this:
{postrow.POSTER_JOINED}<br />{postrow.POSTER_POSTS}<br />{postrow.POSTER_FROM}

The new one won't.

Copy them across into a similar place in the new template. You'll need to play around with the html slightly, but no rocket science.

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