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So is it your expectation that the core will definitely be thinned out and no longer include coppermine or forums?

And you expect that these will be then taken up by developers and have third party modules for them (like ForumsPRO and Gallery and so on)?

For me this sounds like an interesting way forward, but I'm not certain what DF would look like. I guess you will keep groups for example.

Personally I think it might be best to have a bridge between DF and phpBB3 (like there exists in Drupal). That way DF and ppBB3 are independent (and the module takes care of working them together), but for this it is vital to know what DF will look like without the forum. Maybe it will stay? It's possible that I misunderstood. It is not such a big task this way: "only" a migration of DF to phpBB3 then a way to insert / update / delete new DF users into the phpBB3 database. So long as the admin doesn't mind two places and methods to administer different things (and chooses the right place each time) It is certainly not neat like DF, but it beats recoding things that clever people took many months over.

As for, DIY, for me this is fine except for the core because then I'm forking DF which is crazy. So really I ask only to understand well the boundary of the core and the modules.

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relating to BC's post about stripping down DF to core, I saw that mentioned before and I can see both sides of the fence:

1. Having just a core where you could choose which forums, gallery, etc you wanted to implement would be desirable to some

2. Having a complete, out-of-the-box CMS solution is desirable to others.

#2 was the main reason I switched to Dragonfly over other CMS's - it had all the core functionality (Forums, Gallery, News) that I wanted, plus a decent selection of add-ons that I could use to expand my site.

As a themer - the main problem I see with #1 is that it's difficult (if not impossible) to create themes that work throughout the core and the mulitude of add-ons (especially bridged modules). So you end up with a site that doesn't look cohesive throughout unless you do custom theming for each of your add-ons yourself.

For what it's worth - I vote to leave the core modules in place. Advanced webmasters can always addon bridged modules (Gallery2 for example) if they want to go thru the trouble.

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We're getting well off topic now, so I'll be brief, and we need to split these posts to a new topic - one already exists somewhere.

Currently there are problems with other modules (like Members List, PMs) and user info (like timezones) relying on Forums config info for their setup - this isn't too good if you choose to use ForumsPro, so Forums really does need to be isolated from the core.

The concept of a stripped core distribution isn't quite as bare as it first appears - the idea is to provide choices at core installation whereby you select the additional core add-ons and the install process grabs and installs them as well. Then you also make provision so plug-ins can be used - most of this won't happen until the PHP5 only version is released.

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Phoenix wrote
Then you also make provision so plug-ins can be used - most of this won't happen until the PHP5 only version is released.

And when is that going to happen?

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OK I got it here .

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Linux/2.0.54 (Unix)/5.0.51/5.2.6/DragonflyCMS 9.2.1

The core has to provide user and role management. Personally, I'd like to see Dragonfly move away from separate admin accounts and instead use a role based system (perhaps that's already the direction being taken?).

The problem with plugging in other forums is that most large forum systems already have their own user/role management and that's where the integration problems begin.

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