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I've been searching for this but I guess my php skills aren't nearly good enough to set this up. I am trying to get it so that when the site does an automatic redirection it points not at the 'home' module, but at a hardcoded module.

For example the module contacts, after sending your email it takes you to a page that says of course "blah blah blah message sent" and then it auto redirects to the main module. Or as it's in the function to $mainindex. It's like this in a few places so I am wanting to change the way $mainindex redirects.

I am sorry this is so jumbled but I'm extremely tired, I will clean it up once I get a chance to re-read it, just wanted to get it out there before I forgot it :>

Edit: leaving this up just because maybe someone else will see it but I fixed the problem: On a whim I decided to remove the $mainindex from the 'redirect' at the bottom of the contact module and added my own $redirect .= getlink(News);

then where $mainindex was I replaced that with #redirect works like a charm. Not exactly a great fix but it works and i'm happy Smile

Now if someone could suggest a better fix I'd be all ears Wink

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