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Thought I'd post this here, as an example of how open-source projects can be exploited by commercial interests, and how things can go awry. Probably really only of interest to EQ2 customers, but as it's a DF module project, perhaps of interest to those here as well:

It's your basic boy-meets-girl, girl-takes-your-development-effort-and-your-house-and-car story: Roster Master (small, free, open-source project) builds EQ2 guild roster management tools; attempts to get SoE to fix bugs/make enhancements to EQ2Players the community has requested to benefit all; SoE releases pay services that duplicate key functionality in open-source project and removes access to data fields that open-source project uses; leaving the community with just crumbs.

Of note is that the pay service SoE offers does not work as advertised, and is not providing current (updates to the data are delayed weeks) or correct data (only some, not all, fields) in many cases. Billing and access problems have been widely complained about with the pay SoE roster services as well.

The Roster Master for Dragonfly project page has a posting up describing the developer response to the changes made to the SoE-run EQ2Players community site as a result of the Ruins of Kunark release. Also posted is a timeline of events showing how the Roster Master functionality developed and at what point EQ2Players started removing functionality in response.

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