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Language pack doesnt change html text on front page Reply to topic


ive installed a few language packs and can select them fine. they change the blocks text, however they dont alter any html text. is there something im missing?

also, if i go to install langage pack i get NO_CVS error?

all i've done for now is put the languages folders in the language folder.

anythign else i need to do>?


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I am no expert, by any means, as that is obvious and goes with out saying, anyways, sounds like you have two issues and both are redundant issues in other threads, as not sure what the links to them are, however, that popular search function may help you, as this is getting a little off topic, however...

for the acccess to cvs, something like this is required from my understanding on the client side, i.e., your computer.

As far as altering the text in the content, very good point you raise, as that is an issue!

I was thinking of some code to embedd in each post, like a button to translate with drop down flags andór language detection, that would translate on the fly as a user views content, like a simple dirty temp fix might entail just a button link to translate this page tool tip, that does via google or babble or desired online page translators, etc.,

..anyways, sounds like a feature request, and speculativly speaking, a redundant one as well, as presume it has been asked or inquired about bf, maybe not ever requested,...

Internationalization complete with string search and making the pages in each language maybe be happening here, as it may be in a planned new df release, personally prefer language files in the modules for the corresponding folder, off topic as that may sounds, but back to the question, if one did create a page, for example news articles in well forget it for now, maybe another thread another time, good day!

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

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