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hello. I had a lot of problems with the cpgnuke version this web have in downloads section: "enable cookies to post...", "unknow user agent...",etc. But, now i downloaded this version and works ALL OK. CONGRATULATIONS. Big grin

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(sorry for my english). I know cpgnuke dragonfly team works hard to update,modify,etc, the code.I had test all the cms (in local first) and I think this cms should be more friendly. Please, correct the unknown user agent and another problems to avoid users migrate to another cms. Ah!.This is the best safe cms. best regards.

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The "unknown user agent" is indeed an issue to some when they remove the User-Agent from their browser for "safe anonymous" web access.
However, due to many issues with Internet Explorer and other browser quircks it is actually needed for a great user experience.
A good side effect is the 99.9% blocking of spam bots (which still say they are IE with Win98SE) to keep your website neat and clean.

Therefore i think the "enable cookies to post" and "unknow user agent" are properly doing what they should do without nagging users with an Askimet or Captcha.
Just ask your users how they feel about Askimet, Captcha and other turing systems compared to accessibility Wink

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The trouble with this is that

a) users with a new browser never see your site and go away without comment

b) the 9.2.1 is very old and in a fresh install of that IE8 doesn't work. That's not encouraging to new installs of DF. Again people just go away and choose a CMS which works as expected in the most "default" browser.

c) Most "forum spammers" are really people in poor countries with a variety of _actual_ browsers, so can't be blocked in this way.

d) It's too difficult and too slow to grab updates for and now there are too many new devices each day for this to be practical.

The easy answer is too switch it off which is what I do immediately, every time. I am not plagued by spam, and the spam I do have comes from c) above and so not trapped by anyway. If people want it fine, but it should be switched off as default because in practice it stops too many genuine users to prevent a small risk of bad bot hacks.

Same for "Flood Protection" which just annoys fast clickers.

As for akismet, it never, ever blocked anyone from a site nor stopped a comment being posted, it just filtered known spam comments into a admin list for review. In several years of running it on several sites it never once marked a good message as spam and only let a handful of spam though. I for one, would choose that over blocking half my members each time FF gets an update.

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^ what BC said.

A new install of the current version of DF will deny access to your site for over half of all your visitors (probably), with 99.9% of those (probably) simply choosing to go somewhere else.

I always disable UA and flood protection as the very first step in a new DF install, but I wonder how many new webmasters don't do so and then sit there wondering why no-one visits their site?

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I am a little sad with this cms. Almost all the dragonfly communities are closed.Find themes is very difficult, or not compatible. I dont have to change the settings of my explorer or mozilla. I can surf and see all the sites without problems.My cookie settings are well. The obsession to get more security is killing this community.

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I disagree ofigustavo. The built in security is exactly why I use this CMS.

True enough some methods have proven out to not work as well as hoped for, but let's not forget why we need security in the first place.

I can't tell you how many "nuke" sites I've seen get hacked and while several of my DF sites get hit on a regular basis, it holds up fine and that's a great peace of mind for me. Let's face it, time is limited for a webmaster and the less time it takes to run a site, the more time you have to do other tasks at hand.

My 'hats off' to this team and while the CMS doesn't get developed on a fast changing basis, the steps it does take is finely tuned and tested to make sure everything works as expected.

Start checking other CMS' and I think you'll find the features offered aren't much different than this one. If it's themes you want, develop your own or ask in the forums for something specific.

I would suspect the reason most DF communities are closed are due to 'lack of appreciation' from people downloading their hard work without saying thanks and offering some type of support. Do you (and I'm speaking to all) offer support in any fashion?

Thanks again DF team for a fine product.

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Linux/Apache2.2.9/MySql 5.1.59/PHP 5.2.17/CPGDragonfly

@Bush: Thanks for the heads up!

@BrokenCrust: We are working on improved detections.
Blocking should not be done in the CMS but actually on the server level. However, how many servers are properly configured?
We will take the "off by default" as an idea in the installer Wink

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Fedora 25 / Apache 2.4.27 / MariaDB 10.1.26 / PHP 7.1.10 / Mercurial

The current RC fixes both of the main problems present on the stable branch: suhosin and user agent detection issues.

I'm not getting any feedback on these fixes and as far I can see no one is aware of these changes even if notifications are posted in the appropriate forums.

It seems that developments news MUST go back in the home page, faster feedback is equal to a faster development.

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I have to agree with BC and Kendle, and Nano has addressed those issues.

Having said that, there are occasions when one or both tools are handy for short periods with particularly troublesome users.

Based on my experiences with various CMSes, webmasters require a range of tools to deal with spammers and nuisance visitors - I no longer consider banning/suspension to be one of those tools, other than what is available automatically through the user agent anti-bot system.

Tools I find useful include,
1. a subtle anti-spam Nano tool that automatically bypasses posting using a managed keyword database
(the spammer is not told what went wrong)
2. increase the time between posting until X posts made
3. signature and website links - optional on a user and X post basis
4. remove links in websites and within signatures until X posts have been made
5. if they get through anti-spam measures, simple removal of posting privileges, while still maintaining forum access
6. alternatively, stick them in a group with no privileges
7. regular use of htaccess rules to divert various kiddie hacks to localhost

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