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Ok, given that you guys had registration disabled from about July till last month? I am going to assume no ones noticed that this mod has come out.

I'll state right now that I know there are some minor issues with it (the picture not showing up in the admin section, and the error of bad links poping up) but with those two exceptions this module works.

So since i have not yet answered the question of what is it yet, let me get to that first.

First what it use to be: You may remember a system called Nuke Ladder for PHP-Nuke. If you've used that, then you already know what this does. IF not it's an Event Management system for gaming tournament and includes Leagues, and Ladders. + with a bit of genuine inspiration more mods can be added to the system through the use of the SDK. (ie. Bracket elimination, etc..)

* Ladder and League style tournaments.
* A Challenge message system.
* A personalized profile for players.
* Moderator options
* A More customizable mod system so more event types can be added
* Now requires PHP - 5, and MySQL 5.x.x to work
* Support for Dragonfly 9.2.1

If your interested in trying this out you can find it at:

The Mod SDK can be downloaded from my website:

Some Notes before I go:1. This is NOT the original Nuke Ladder. This is a continuation from where the original author abandoned the project. In other words it my work now. And as some of you may remember the original system had a price tag, this one does not.
2. The image problem I had fixed, not sure why it happened again but I will eventually make a permanent fix, the url issue, is due to the fact that 9.2.1 is a part way change to how Dragonfly will use urls in v10, or so I have come to believe while working with this system.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):

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